Woolworths shopper's rant over pre-cut veggies sparks heated debate

A Woolworths shopper's colourful rant over the supermarket's pre-cut and packaged vegetables has divided the internet, with some customers defending the sale of the products.

The author, whose wild complaint was full of expletives, commented about how "useless" and "dumb" some people are for not being able to cut their own vegetables.

They also criticised Woolworths for using plastic packaging.

The Reddit post was accompanied by a photo of the pre-cut produce, which includes pumpkin cubes, sliced spring onion, diced onion, sliced potatoes and vegetable medleys.

Pre-cut and packaged vegetables on shelves in Woolworths.
A Redditor's post about Woolworths has stirred a heated debate over pre-cut vegetables, with many defending the pre-packaged products. Credit: Reddit/getyerhandoffit

Redditors debate packaging

The Redditor’s rant was greeted with a heated debate.

While many agreed that the packaging could do with less plastic, many of those who replied defended the sale of the products, saying they are a "godsend" for disabled or sick customers.

"A lot of comments here calling out people for being lazy, but these are actually a godsend for people with disabilities, fine motor issues, etc. Some people simply can't hold a knife and cut veg, and this makes fresh stuff accessible for them," one person commented.

"Don't like it, don't buy it. Seems like there's a lot more out there to complain about than this."

"I wish I wasn’t. Either I pay a bit extra for stuff to come prepped, or I pay for someone to help me prep it. I’d rather do the first one," another user said.

"It's all well any good saying this if you're able bodied but how about all the elderly? Many have severe arthritis and can't chop/stir anymore," a third person wrote.

"When I was recovering from an illness these things allowed me to cook on my own and not have to rely on my parents/a helper. The plastic sucks, I agree, but it's not about being too lazy or whatever,” a fourth commenter chimed in.

Other Redditors added that such products are not only valuable to people with disabilities, but for people who are "time-poor" as well.

"The missus works, and I'm the chief cook, bottle washer, taxi service, groundskeeper, electrician, plumber and carpenter for our house, and while I usually peel and chop everything fresh, I've gotta admit that I've very occasionally got the pre-cut roast veggies from Woolies after a solid day of doing all of the above," one person said.

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