Woolworths mistake leads to 'rotten' doorstep amid heatwave

A real estate agent arriving at the property found bags full of decomposing food, but it's unclear why they were delivered to the unoccupied home.

As many parts of the country sizzle during our hot summer days an apparent oversight by a Woolworths worker left two Aussies with an unsightly and foul smelling clean-up on their hands.

Real estate agents David Galloway-Penney and Andrew Thornton were visiting a vacant property in Cairns when they found almost 10 paper bags full of groceries on the front porch on Friday. The groceries — which included dairy products and raw meat — had been untouched for days and had perished in the heat, attracting a swarm of flies and a stench which made them audibly groan.

'[It was] definitely delivered in error but we don't know why or by who," Thornton told Yahoo News Australia. "This is what happens when you get deliveries to a house that doesn't have anyone in it... rotten food."

Real estate agent David Galloway-Penney looks disgusted by the foul smelling bags on the front porch. Right, the Woolworths bags are decaying in the heat as flies swarm around them.
Real estate agent David Galloway-Penney shows his disgust at finding bags of Woolworths groceries decomposing outside a property in Cairns on Friday. Source: TikTok

The two agents rushed into the home, dodging the pile of decomposing food and the sticky mess it had caused on the tiles, quickly closing the door behind him. However, they later had to clean up the curious mess, complaining of the terrible smell.

Aussies urged to seek shade as temperatures soar

Queenslanders on the Tropical North Coast and Tablelands endured a heatwave last week and despite it tapering off on Friday, the temperatures remained steadily in the 30s throughout the weekend.

However every other state except from Tasmania has been lashed with heatwaves over recent days — with the majority of Western Australia baking in temperatures above 40 degrees. Perth Airport climbed to 42 degrees before midday on Friday and the city reached 40.4 degrees, the Bureau of Meteorology said.

Aussies swimming in water while many stand on a jetty in the sunshine.
Aussies have been urged to remain indoors and seek shade as temperatures continue to reach the high 30s in many parts of the country. Source: AAP

Doctors are encouraging Aussies to be alert to the signs of heat-related illness.

"The best way to prevent heat-related illness is to drink plenty of water and to stay as cool as possible," Healthdirect chief medical officer Dr Nirvana Luckraj said. "Heat-related illnesses include dehydration, heat cramps, heat exhaustion, a worsening of existing medical conditions and in the worst cases, heatstroke."

People are encouraged to use sunscreen, wear a hat, stay hydrated and avoid going out during the hottest part of the day between 10 am and 4 pm.

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