Woolworths issues warning about scam offering $90 reward

Woolworths has issued a warning after numerous customers complained about scammers contacting them and offering them fake promises of cash payments for participating in a survey.

Several shoppers in recent days have received disturbingly believable messages from scammers, one of which claims it will reward those who fill out a survey about the supermarket with $90.

"Take part in our marketing survey and get $90 promo reward," text across a graphic sent in a Woolworths branded email read.

"You have been selected to participate," the top of the email read.

One of the shoppers to receive the message said in a Facebook post that it had been sent from an email address that appeared to be affiliated with Woolworths.

Woolworths store pictured.
Scammers have once again been caught using Woolworths branding to try and access customers' personal information. Source: Getty Images

"I received an email saying that I had been selected to take part in a marketing survey and would receive a $90 promo reward. Is this from Woolies or is it a scam? the email it came from is Woolworths," they wrote in a Facebook post.

"I have received one in my email but I am not sure if it is scam. Can you advise me please?," another person wrote.

"Is this another scam?," another questioned.

Woolworths confirms email is from scammer

In response to each of the posts, a Woolworths employee confirmed the email was indeed the handiwork of a scammer.

"Please know that the email is a 'phishing’ scam and not from us. It's actually a scammer who's attempting to trick people into giving out their personal and banking information," the staffer wrote in a comment on Facebook.

Scam emails received by Woolworths customers.
This is one of the recent scam emails being received by Woolworths customers. Source: Facebook

"Please be mindful that we'd never ask our customers for their personal or banking details in unsolicited communications."

The employee also encouraged shoppers to report messages they suspected to be illegitimate to the ACCC's Scamwatch.

Second Woolworths scam sent through text

Several other shoppers said they received a different scam message via text, where they were asked to confirm their names.

The text used the same template but switched out the name and location details for each shopper.

"Woolworths is looking for Mr or Mrs [name] in [location]. It's regarding the selection of your name," the message read, also encouraging the recipient to "click here" onto a website.

The shopper who posted an image of the message said "it looks like it’s from Woolworths but I believe it to be a scam".

After multiple customers shared their experience to the Woolworths Facebook page, others expressed they had received the same message.

Hoax text message with name and location of a Woolworths customer.
Customers have been receiving this text message with their name and location. Source: Facebook

"I get these. Reply with scammer, they stop real fast. Then block the number," one responded to a post, while another said they had "blocked it".

A Woolworths staff member responded to the comments confirming that the message was "definitely not from us, but instead from a business posing as Woolworths to potentially receive financial or personal information from you".

"We advise you to delete the text or email and block the sender, and not to click any links or attachments," the supermarket wrote in a comment.

Woolworths urges customers to be vigilant about scams

A Woolworths spokesperson confirmed that the emails and text messages were not authorised messages from Woolworths and were not affiliated with the company in any way.

"As always, we encourage our customers to be vigilant of online and text phishing scams, which seek to imitate well-known brands to collect personal information," the spokesman said in a statement.

"We never ask our customers for their personal or banking details in unsolicited communications.

"We report scams to the ACCC's SCAMWatch and regularly update our Scam Alerts page on our website to help keep customers secure online."

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