Woolworths introduces new rule as Tasty Toobs fly off shelves

A Woolworths store in Chester Hill has been forced to place restrictions on one of their most popular products after customers began stocking up on the item.

The retailer recently started restocking Tasty Toobs - a limited-edition chip variety that was discontinued six years ago - sending fans of the snack into a buying frenzy.

One shopper revealed their local Woolworths store had placed a limit of four Tasty Toobs packets per customer after they began flying off shelves.

“There you go... now there’s a limit on Tasty Toobs!!! I guess it’s just as important as toilet paper,” the shopper wrote on the popular Facebook page, Cooking Confessions.

Sign saying there is a buying limit on Tasty Toobs (left) pack of Tasty Toobs (right).
The Woolworths store at Chester Hill has been forced to place a limit on the popular Tasty Toobs chips following customer complaints. Source: Facebook

Others commented on the post saying they had witnessed people stocking up on the infamous tomato-flavoured chips after they’d spotted them back on shelves.

“The other day a lady took a whole carton off the shelf of them! Would have been 12 bags! I just looked as she walked off. The guy working there saw and went out the back grabbing me two bags,” one shopper said.

Others welcomed the restriction saying they’ve been searching stores for them with no luck.

“Good!!! So many miss out because certain people feel they should buy them in the box loads,” one shopper said.

“I can’t even find one let alone the four limit,” added another.

“I don't blame them. I've not been able to find any yet and been to a few supermarkets near me,” added a third.

Tasty Toobs shortage extends to online shopping

It seems the product is so in demand that even customers placing online orders with Woolworths can't get their hands on them.

One customer recently approached the retailer on their Facebook page saying they sadly couldn’t add them to their order.

“Hi there Woolworths just have a tiny problem I’m trying to do my online shop order and the website is saying Tasty Toobs are unavailable? How can this be?” The post read.

Fellow Tasty Toobs fans said they were impossible to get in-store or online.

“They sell off the shelves as soon as they’re put out,” a Woolworths shopper said.

Tasty Toobs are hard to come by in store and online at Woolworths.
Tasty Toobs are hard to come by in store and online at Woolworths.

Woolworths responds to store limit

A Woolworths spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia that packets of Tasty Toobs have been flying off shelves since they were relaunched in stores two weeks ago.

However, there hasn’t been an official limit per customer announced for stores.

“We have not placed any official purchase limits on Tasty Toobs, and have followed up with the store to ensure the sign has been removed,” the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson added that they are working with Smith’s Snackfood Company, the product supplier to increase stock levels.

“Following the relaunch of Tasty Toobs, this old favourite has proven a hit with our customers,” the spokesperson said.

“There’s been significant demand for the limited edition snack and some stores may be running low on stock at the moment.

“We’re working closely with the supplier to bring forward deliveries and restock shelves in the coming weeks.”

Tasty Toobs are now being stocked by Woolworths supermarkets nationwide.

Woolworths store entry.
Woolworths is working with suppliers to increase product volumes of Tasty Toobs to meet demand. Source: Getty Images

What’s all the fuss about?

Tasty Toobs have been missing from supermarket shelves after being discontinued six years ago.

The fan favourite chip range has been brought back by popular demand after a petition on Change.org racked up over 10,000 signatures.

The popular snack hit supermarket shelves once again at the end of July in both the ​​35gram and 150gram varieties, but the in-demand treat has been hard to come by.

Now, people have moved to selling them online for up to $30 a packet.

“I was [at Woolworths] at 8am and nothing. They told me the other day to come early as they stock their shelves at night and nothing was there,” a customer said.

“Don't get me wrong I’ve had them already but wouldn’t mind another bag. People are actually selling it for double the price if not 10 times more. Just pathetic.”

Another shopper said they’d “seen one selling a box for $80” online.

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