'Lunacy': Woolworths' drastic steps to keep shoppers out of toilet paper aisle

A woman is praising Woolworths staff for continuing to restock toilet paper, despite having to take drastic steps to keep over-excited customers at bay as coronavirus driven panic-buying continues.

The woman explained on the Woolworths Facebook page she had just gone to the Woolworths in Northland, Victoria and said staff were putting out toilet paper “professionally and respectfully” for customers.

In the photo shared to Facebook, a makeshift barrier is seen, preventing customers from going down the toilet paper aisle to allow for the staff to stock the shelves.

Toilet paper has become somewhat elusive in recent weeks, with customers struggling to get their hands on packs, due to coronavirus-fear panic buying.

The woman shared a photo of the Woolworths putting up a barrier to allow staff to stock the shelves with toilet paper. Source: Facebook

Workers can be seen in the photo unloading toilet paper onto the empty shelves.

However, according to the woman, not all customers were happy.

“I was expecting them to be thanked but instead they copped so much anger and complaint,” she said.

“For no valid reason. People have gone mad.

“Thank you Woolworths employees, I'm sure this lunacy is taking its toll.”

Despite how customer mays have acted in store, on the Facebook post, others agreed with the woman and called out those who were disrespectful towards the staff.

“It's just appalling how people are behaving,” one woman wrote.

“Trying to shame them on here, abusing them at work, just for trying to do their job, some Australians should hang their heads in shame.”

Another person said they had just been to their local Woolworths and was able to nab some toilet paper in an “orderly fashion”.

“I praised the workers for distributing it in such a manner and thanked them.”

Woolworths was forced to implement restrictions on toilet paper, after Australians began hoarding it amid coronavirus fears. Source: Getty

Someone else remarked how they “love” how Woolworths was fencing customers off “just like cattle”.

Following customers at Coles and Woolworths hoarding toilet paper, the two Aussie supermarkets enforced a limit on how many packs of toilet paper each customer can purchase.

Woolworths also implemented changes to their Change of Mind Refund and Raincheck return policies for certain items including toilet paper.

“Until further notice” toilet is at the top of a list of 12 items customers will not be able to return because they have simply changed their mind.

“Well done Woolies taking the initiative not to refund to the people who bought excessive toilet paper, Paper towels, etc,” someone wrote on the Woolworths Facebook page.

Yahoo News Australia has reached out to Woolworths for comment.

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