Aldi's bold note to customers panic buying toilet paper

Olivia Lambert
News Editor

An Aldi supermarket has taken a swipe at customers attempting to hoard toilet paper and other essentials amid the coronavirus crisis.

A picture of a note in the supermarket at Pacific Square in Maroubra, in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, explains the discount supermarket is restricting the bulk purchases of essential items per customer, such as toilet paper.

Aldi took a swipe at customers panic buying toilet paper amid the coronavirus crisis. Source: Facebook

“We want to ensure all customers have access to our products,” it says.

“We apologise if this act of courtesy is a disruption to your shop.”

Some praised Aldi for its bold stance as it imposed a restriction on toilet paper, tissues and paper towels.

“Love the little dig at the end to the [uncourteous] shoppers,” one wrote.

Aldi first imposed a limit of four units per transaction before dropping it to one. Source: Facebook

“Exactly what EVERY supermarket chain should be doing,” another said.

“Brilliant Aldi, thank you,” a third commented.

Aldi told the sign was across all its stores and “reflects the current sentiment of the brand”.

Aldi tightens toilet paper limit

The supermarket initially implemented a restriction of four units per transaction for toilet paper but dropped it to one unit after customers criticised Aldi for being too generous.

“Should be two. They can buy a bulk pack if they need big. It says per transaction. So what’s stopping people going through 10 times,” one wrote on Facebook.

“Way too generous. No one needs four. It’s insane because then everyone is getting four, which just leaves none,” another claimed.

An empty shelf in Marrickville Metro in Sydney's Inner West. Source: Facebook

“I just received a message from Coles and they have now limited to one packet per transaction. More than enough so people can actually get some.”

Aldi told Yahoo News Australia in a statement it limited the purchase of toilet paper to one per customer to help improve access for shoppers.

“We ask customers to remember to show kindness, empathy and calmness when shopping with us,” the statement said.

This follows Coles and Woolworths who announced they would be tightening their restrictions – with Coles imposing a restriction of one unit of toilet paper per transaction after earlier introducing a four unit limit.

Woolworths have tightened its four unit per transaction limit to two.

Locals praise suburbs doing the right thing

While many supermarkets are left bare as people across Australia race to get their hands on the everyday commodity – with some people even fighting over it in stores – others are praising their neighbours by posting pictures of full shelves in their local supermarkets.

“No panic buying at Foodworks in Newtown. Inner Westies are cool,” a person said on a photo taken in Sydney’s Inner West.

Customers praised Newtown locals for not panic buying toilet paper. Source: Facebook

Many praised the suburb for ensuring everybody could purchase toilet paper.

“Good on you guys in Newtown,” one commented.

“Bless the Inner West,” another said.

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