Woolworths deli worker reveals pet hate about customers: 'Immense rage'

A frustrated Woolworths deli worker has shared how common customer habits provoke feelings of "immense rage".

Unleashing on Facebook, the Woolies employee vented about shoppers at the deli being vague about their needs, rarely pointing to the product they are referring to and leaving handprints all over the glass window.

"For my deli peeps, anyone else feel immense rage welling up when a customer comes up, rubs their greasy hands on your glass window display trying to think what they want," the staffer's post began.

"Only to look at you and say "I'd like that ham" while gesturing and or pointing to an object that isn't even ham."

(left) Marketing image of a Woolworths Deli. Source: Facebook/Cranbourne West Shopping Centre

(right) High Angle View Of Various Meats Seen Through Glass At Store - stock photo Source: Getty Images
A Woolworths has revealed three common acts shoppers do that they hate in an online rant. Source: (left) Facebook/Cranbourne West Shopping Centre (right) Getty Images

The anonymous employee detailed the interaction that usually follows with customers in these scenarios.

"So you try to coerce a proper answer from them, then have them stare at you with disgust that you are trying to figure out what the mysterious "that ham" could be," the employee continued.

"All the while still not being helpful only for them to want the deli leg ham that you pointed at mid way through asking them exactly what ham they wanted? Asking because I have this happen once every hour."

Woolies workers reveal more hated habits

The deli worker's online rant hit a nerve with fellow Woolworths employees, prompting others to take a swipe at customers.

"This has summed up my daily frustrations of life in the deli, PERFECTLY," one woman commented.

"Even better when they're standing by the bacon asking for leg ham," another added.

One employee revealed: "I have said to customers before 'pointing does nothing for me!' also said 'use your words'."

A male worker agreed these annoying acts happen "every 5 minutes" at his store, adding that the request of "that one" is an "extremely common order" from customers.

A general view is seen of a Woolworths store in Brisbane, Friday, June 25, 2021. Source: AAP
Other Woolworths staffers also shared unpleasant customer interactions at the deli. Source: AAP

A second employee also slammed shoppers who order "a handful", describing the conversation that often follows.

"Every single day.

How much would you like?

'A handful'

/gets my handful worth.

'That's way too much/little'," she wrote.

Supermarket staff members also spoke out about their own customer peeves, including how some shoppers pronounce product names.

"My top 3 - Kra sans key for Kransky, Dos gon hah for Dorsogna and lastly rations for bacon rashers," the author of the original post explained.

Another shared their grievances with customers at the open seafood case: "when they're reaching through to point at the fish and getting mad when you ask them to move their hands".

"I have smacked people hands before," one person revealed in response.

In response to the influx of comments about the Woolies deli, one staffer said it was "no wonder no one wants to work in there".

"The joys of deli life," she joked.

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