Woolworths are giving away FREE Christmas hampers: 'So excited'

Woolworths is spreading Christmas cheer by giving away free Christmas hampers to select Everyday Rewards customers.

The supermarket giant has selected a handful of loyal Everyday Rewards members at random to receive the free Christmas gift.

The hampers include a wide range of goods for the selected customers and their families to enjoy in the lead-up to the festive season.

“At Woolworths, we strive to bring a little good to our customers’ lives every day with good acts,” a Woolworths spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia.

“To spread the Christmas cheer, our team will be surprising some of our loyal Everyday Rewards members with Christmas hampers to help kick start their holiday gifting season.”

Exterior view of Woolworths Miranda supermarket during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown.
The free hampers will be sent to a select number of Everyday Rewards members as a thank you from the supermarket giant. Source: Getty Images

Woolworths customers thrilled with gift: 'It's just so nice'

Lucky Woolworths shopper Nicole Smith from Prospect, South Australia has been selected to receive one of the hampers and says she is “so excited”.

“Woolworths contacted me to say thank you for being a great customer with them online and that they knew Australians were going through a hard time with Covid, lockdowns and everything and wanted to bring some Christmas cheer,” she told Yahoo News Australia.

“And it certainly did! I don’t have the hamper yet, but it will come in a few weeks.

“It’s nice to get something to say thank you.”

Woolworths employees are surprising Everyday Rewards members with Christmas gift hampers. Source: Getty Images
Woolworths employees are surprising Everyday Rewards members with Christmas gift hampers. Source: Getty Images

Ms Smith says she has been shopping with Woolworths online for the past nine years and was so grateful to have been recognised as a loyal customer by the store.

She added that the hamper was a welcomed helping hand at this time of the year.

“Money is tight for everyone at the moment and it’s just nice to know those big companies care enough to say thank you,” she said.

“Plus free goodies are always great!”

Is it too good to be true?

While some lucky shoppers like Ms Smith can’t wait to receive their hampers, others thought the concept sounded too good to be true, speculating that the free gifts were a scam.

After viewing a post about the free hampers on social media, some shoppers said it all sounded “very suss”.

“How did Woolworths get your phone info? It sounds like a scam to me I would ring Woolworths head office directly to clarify then if they say no - I would look at the number on your (mobile?) go to scam watch & report them,” one person speculated.

“That sounds fishy... scammers have been using company numbers to call people. But if it’s 100 per cent legit then I’m happy for you,” cautioned another.

Woolworths rewards card logo.
Some Woolworths Everyday Rewards members were initially cautious that the free gifts were part of a scam, but Woolworths has since confirmed it is a legitimate giveaway. Source: Supplied

However, others quickly confirmed they’d received a call from Woolworths too and that the free giveaway was legitimate.

“I just called and the girl confirmed it was all above board. Woolworths is sending hampers to customers, to say thank you for their support and they know that people have struggled with Covid etc,” one person said.

“No scam I called the 1800 number for online Woolworths and it’s not a scam I am getting my hamper today,” confirmed another.

Woolworths confirmed to Yahoo News Australia that the lucky selected customers would receive a call directly from the Woolworths Customer Hub if selected.

Understandably, some customers are on high alert with a number of scams circulating at this time of the year.

Woolworths shoppers are advised to take caution if they suspect a scam and should visit the Woolworths Scams Alert page which is updated regularly.

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