Woolworths and Coles photos reveal 'significant' oversight by supermarkets

Consumer expert Gary Mortimer believes a change in demand caught supermarkets off guard.

Shoppers visiting Woolworths and Coles across the country this week would be hard-pressed to avoid Easter chocolate as shelves have been full of leftover stock at discounted prices.

Some have been delighted by the bargains while others have been dismayed after paying full price before Easter. As images of the leftover stock pop up online a consumer expert believes the scenes reveal a "significant" oversight from the supermarkets during the cost-of-living crisis.

"I've also noticed significant overstocks this year in supermarkets. I suspect customers cut back this year due to the cost-of-living crisis... they've gone, 'geez it's really expensive this year and maybe I'll just get one'," Gary Mortimer told Yahoo News.

An oversight by supermarkets have left large volumes of Easter chocolate in stores.
Woolworths and Coles stores have large volumes of leftover chocolate with consumer expert Gary Mortimer calling it an oversight by supermarkets. Source: Facebook
Easter chocolates reduced to $4.25 (left) and Cadbury's chocolate eggs down to $2.50 (right).
Woolworths significantly reduced their Easter chocolates for clearance purposes last week. Source: Facebook

Easter stock 'generally not hard' to forecast

Just like other holidays such as Christmas and Lunar New Year, Easter stock is "generally not that hard" to forecast ahead of the season, Mortimer explained — with a tried and tested formula usually adopted by supermarkets.

"Most supermarkets will have an understanding of what proportion of products they sold last year and they would add on a very small percentage based on demand, population growth within a suburb," Mortimer said.

Lindt bunnies are priced at $1 at Coles (left) and $2 as well as Easter egg boxes marked down to $3 (right).
The iconic Lindt bunnies have been slashed to as little as $1 each at Coles since Easter. Source: TikTok and Facebook

However, he believes the considerable leftover volumes can be attributed to the shift in consumer behaviour given many Aussies are feeling the pinch with the rise in grocery costs, with the increased price of cocoa also resulting in Aussies' favourite Easter chocolates bumping up in price.

"I thought even the prices were a little bit higher this year than I'd have expected and that may have put people off buying Easter eggs this year," Mortimer said.

Supermarkets will now 'keep discounting' stock until it's gone

Woolworths and Coles will now simply discount all remaining Easter stock to clear it from stores, with Yahoo News understanding Coles' range is now available at 75 per cent off. Both Coles and Woolworths declined to comment on the large volumes of leftover chocolates.

"It only takes a decline in demand to leave overstocks... they'll just keep discounting," Mortimer said.

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