Woolies customer caught out after angry rant on Facebook

A Woolworths customer who angrily demanded her money back for ‘rotten’ avocados has been left red-faced after an employee caught her out.

The woman posted a message to the supermarket’s Facebook Page, seemingly in outrage at the injustice of her money having been wasted at a Sydney store.

“I purchased these avocados from your store at double bay [sic] yesterday. Upon making a sandwich today I came to find these avocados are rotten!”

“THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE, I demand my money back!!!” she wrote.

She also went on to complain that an employee had given her a ‘dirty look’ and made a comment about her footwear.

“Since when is it a crime to wear crocs?” the customer wrote.

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But unfortunately for her, she accompanied her rant with a photograph, which a very sharp Woolies employee noticed something familiar about.

In a response, the supermarket wrote, “we think you may have taken your photo from another customer’s Facebook post from 2014…” and they linked to the dated complaint, which certainly did have the same photo.

The call out has been greeted with amusement by many social media users who mocked the money-back attempt with their own duplicitous efforts.

Jaime Summers also reposted the 2014 avocado photo, saying, “Hey Woolworth’s, these ahem MY avocados are um bad and stuff…”

Another user used the photo to post the meme ‘Hey Woolies, you might drive, But do you [avocado]?”

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