Woman's theory on why Aussies are so 'aggressive'

The TikToker's rant describes the harsh Australian conditions that have rubbed off on the locals' personalities.

The stereotype of Aussies being laid-back is often challenged by foreign travellers arriving on our shores who instead label the locals "aggressive". And one outspoken Australian woman has delivered a TikTok rant to explain why.

"Everyone wonders why Australians are so aggressive and swear a lot, [but] it's because our country is aggressive," Julz Alex starts, before listing examples to back her argument — emphasising her point with a swear word or two.

The TikToker wears white head phones, a white T-shirt and black body warmer are she explains Aussie aggression.
Julz Alex says Aussie aggression was understandable given the country which we live in. Source: TikTok/julzalexx

Day and night Aussies are attacked by the elements

Alex first points to the fact that Aussies are attacked as soon as they go outside of their homes, regardless of the time of day.

"You go outside in the sun and the sun's like, 'You got 20 f**king minutes before I burn you to a f**king crisp'," she said, before mentioning how "all the insects" come after you in mere minutes when you step foot outside at night.

"I'm going to sting and bite you and you're going to be covered in welts," she said, imagining what the mosquitoes and flies think when they spot an Aussie on the street.

Aussies can't catch a break during springtime either

Despite spring being synonymous with heaps of pleasant experiences, the TikToker points out that no, Aussies can't catch a break during this season either.

"The flowers start blossoming, the birds start chirping but in Australia, you can't f**king breathe!" she said, likening her experience with allergies to being punched in face by a boxer.

She also said that those chirping birds more often than not tend to attack you, with magpies and other native birds notorious for swopping people when their young are hatching.

Aussies embrace theory with open arms

After sharing her theory online, Aussies said her explanation was "bang on" in relation to the general demeanour of Australians. Others also pointed to the country's colonial past, believing it's to be expected that Aussies wouldn't be "well-mannered and chill".

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