Woman’s ‘scary’ find in doll’s head after $2 op shop purchase

If you're a thrift shopper, every now and then you're bound to come across an unexpected surprise.

If you've ever bought from an op shop, you'll know that every now and then some of the pre-loved products on offer come with a little hidden surprise. Sometimes if you're lucky, those surprises will be worth a pretty penny, other times, they'll leave you worse for wear.

Over the years, thrift shoppers have taken home everything from ultra-rare museum-worthy objects, morbid notes in garment products, wads of cash, heavily discounted expensive designer wear and even couches stuffed with tens of thousands of dollars.

One US-based woman said she couldn't believe her eyes after discovering what was stuffed inside her recently-purchased porcelain doll's head, which she paid $2 for.

Woman's shock after op shop doll discovery

A porcelain doll was found with a 12 pack of condoms in its head.
A woman who bought a porcelain doll for $2 at an op shop was stunned after finding what was stuffed inside of its head. Source: Facebook

Posting to Facebook, the woman said she thought the doll "might be worth the $2 gamble" until she saw what was jammed into its hollow head. "I’m at work and I get this text from my husband," the woman wrote in surprise. "Any guesses what’s inside this doll's head? This is the STRANGEST thrift find I’ve ever had!"

In an image uploaded alongside the post, a doll can be seen with the top part of its skull removed. Inside, a grey plastic package is viewable, though it's not immediately clear what the crumpled up package contains. People in the comments theorised over what it could be, before eventually finding the truth.

"This kinda gives off trafficking vibes," one person said. "Am I the only one that immediately thought it was cream cheese," a second joked. "That’s a bit creepy," said another.

Another person took a screen grab of the photo and zoomed in on the tiny writing, eventually revealing the strange-looking pack to be a packet of condoms — "one dozen" in fact, the doll owner confirmed.

'Creepy' or 'hilarious'?

A porcelain doll was found with a 12 pack of condoms in its head.
A packet of 12 Lifestyle Condoms were found inside the hollow doll's head. Source: Facebook

"Girl, you better wash that thing," one woman wrote in response. "Am I the only one who thinks that this is scary?" said another. "Such a good hiding spot though!" another joked. "That's hilarious," another said.

One man's take attracted hundreds of interactions. "The bigger question is, who looks at a porcelain doll and thinks 'gee, I wonder what's inside its head?'" he queried.

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