Woman finds morbid note in second-hand jacket

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A woman has found a morbid note pinned to the inside of a jacket she found in a second hand store. 

The woman managed to score the red blazer from an op shop and, judging by the photos shared to Facebook, it appears to be in great condition.

While the jacket itself is fine, a note pinned to the inside of the pocket brought about a lot of questions.

"Bury me in this red suit," the note says in cursive writing.

The post quickly gained a lot of attention on social media, and people questioned why the previous owner's wishes were not met.

A woman found a strange note in the pocket of a jacket she found at a second hand store. Source: Facebook
A woman found a strange note in the pocket of a jacket she found at a second hand store. Source: Facebook

"So damn sad... Her family most likely never saw this though. Kinda hard to find," someone said.

"Most likely they never saw the note or it wouldn’t have still been with the jacket," said one person, who doubted the previous owners wishes were outright ignored.

"We don’t even know if the previous owner died. Maybe she went up or down in size and decided she needed to pick a new burial outfit."

Someone else said their mother had selected her burial outfit, though over time it didn't fit her, so she donated it.

Spooky theories arise after note was found

Others thought the jacket - or the new owner - may now be "haunted".

"This is sad af [as f**k]. Beware. The dead owner might haunt you for her jacket. I sure as hell would ahaha," one person joked.

While some took inspiration from the note.

"I’m gonna start putting this in the pockets of all the clothes I donate," someone said.

However, others just hoped the previous owner of the red suit got buried in something lovely.

"Oh, I hope she got buried in something wonderful," someone said.

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