Woman dumped in alleged serial killer's pond 'with flesh-eating fish'

An alleged serial killer was arrested after his girlfriend’s remains were discovered on his property where police have now unearthed human bones.

On January 10, police arrested a 40-year-old man from Bangkok, who initially was only identified by his first name, Apichai, by the Bangkok Post.

The alleged murderer has since been identified as Apichai Ongwisit, a wealthy property heir from Bangkok, and his 22-year-old girlfriend has been named as Warinthorn Chaiyachet, who is nicknamed “Kik”.

Mr Ongwisit was arrested at his home and police found the body of the 22-year-old girlfriend wrapped in a plastic bag and dumped in a pond.

Divers searched the pond on the property of a wealthy 40-year-old man after the remains of his girlfriend were discovered. Source: Viral Press

Divers found the skeleton of Ms Chaiyachet wrapped in clothes and a bedsheet, with the remains hidden under a round metal object and weighed down with dumbbells and chains, according to the Bangkok Post.

“The investigation has found several women who were involved with the culprit have disappeared. They include his friends, girlfriends and prostitutes,” Police Colonel Jirakrit Jarunpat said, according to Viral Press.

There have been reports of the pond being filled with carnivorous fish, which consumed the victims’ bodies.

A witness told police Mr Ongwisit had spoken of more bodies in the pond on his property while under the influence of drugs and he reportedly challenged this same witness to find them and offered a cash prize for each corpse found.

The witness, who was reportedly a friend of Mr Ongwisit, allegedly presented him with a skull he found in the pond hoping to claim his reward, however Mr Ongwisit refused to pay up and allegedly fired a gun at him.

Apichai Ongwisit was arrested after police found the remains of his girlfriend. Source: Viral Press

A family that lives near Mr Ongwisit’s property believe the body of their missing 12-year-old daughter could also be in the pond.

During an initial search of the pond police found almost 300 bones and they reportedly resumed their search on Sunday.

The initial search was halted, with police seeking court approval to search the property.

The 288 bones found during the sweep of the pond were found just metres away from where Ms Chaiyachet’s remains were discovered on Thursday January 9.

The remains have been sent to Siriraj Hospital for forensic examination and police believe they come from at least three people.

Since his arrest, Mr Ongwisit has been compared to the infamous serial killer Ted Bundy by UK-based tabloid, The Sun, due to him apparently targeting woman, like Bundy, and how he “killed them in a gruesome manner”.

Apichai Ongwisit reportedly locked girlfriend Warinthorn Chaiyachet in a metal casket to prevent her from leaving him. Source: Viral Press

The Bangkok Post states local media reports Mr Ongwisit was a drug user and he began a sexual relationship with Ms Chaiyachet.

Mr Ongwisit allegedly fell in love with his 22-year-old girlfriend and forced her to sleep in a locked metal casket so she would not leave him.

One morning, he opened the casket to find she had died from suffocation.

In August last year, Mr Ongwisit admitted to killing a woman in his home, and it is unclear who he admitted this to, or if it has been confirmed by police, according to the Bangkok Post.

In July last year, Ms Chaiyachet and Mr Ongwisit made a complaint to the police over an alleged sexual assault.

The police opened an investigation and tried to track down suspects. Shortly after, Ms Chaiyachet’s family reported her missing.

Apichai Ongwisit has been dubbed the "Thai Ted Bundy" by a British tabloid following his arrest. Source: Viral Press

After failing to contact Ms Chaiyachet, the police received a tip from someone only identified as Chalermchai.

In 1983, Mr Ongwisit’s father was arrested for murdering and dismembering a 15-year-old girl and was shot dead.

According to The Sun, the Ongwisit family owns the city’s Onkvisit Market.

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