Woman’s kind act for neighbour backfires: ‘I’m gutted’

The woman was in the middle of making her neighbour a homemade pizza.

The woman wears a pink top with dough splattered across her face and hair with the bulky two pronged whisk stuck in her long blond hair.
UK woman Natalie got the whisk stuck in her hair while she was making a homemade pizza dough for her neighbour. Source: TikTok

A woman's loving attempt to make her neighbour a home cooked meal has backfired spectacularly after the two pronged electric whisk she was using to make a pizza dough got stuck in her hair.

Last week Natalie was whisking the dough in her UK home when she "got distracted" and a stray strand of hair got caught in the rotating appliance, which in turn pulled in more hair and tangled it completely. Within seconds she was left with it lodged against her head.

In utter disbelief, she grabbed her phone and recorded her reaction after realising what had happened.

"My hair just got caught in the f**king whisk... it's literally, it's stuck," she said online.

In the footage the two prongs are lodged to the side of her hair with pizza dough splattered across her face, hands and clothes. She appeared to be in pain, admitting she had to sit down because she felt like she was going to "pass out".

"I said to my neighbour I'd make her a pizza and she was like, 'Aw yeah, it sounds well nice'," she explained. "What do I do? What the f**k do I do?

After releasing the heavy electric base from the prongs the woman called her friend who is a hairdresser, scared to call a doctor as she knew they'd be forced to cut her hair off.

"I know what's going to happen, they're gonna have to cut it out, it's giving me a massive f**king headache and I don't know what to do," she said.

After sleeping overnight with the two whisks dangling from her head, a desperate attempt to get them out using oil was unsuccessful by her friend and Natalie had to surrender to the inevitable.

She wears clips to smooth down the tuffs of hair sticking out (left) and she shows the full extent of her new hairstyle as her hair sticks up (right).
The woman had to cut her hair to untangle the whisks. Source: TikTok

"I'm laughing but I've spent all night crying... I'm gutted," she said, showing the camera her tuffs of hair after the whisks had been cut out in a later video.

"I've still got bits of batter in my hair... I may as well have just bought a pizza rather than trying to make it from scratch," she admitted.

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