Major fail in woman's iPhone 12 delivery

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A woman’s unboxing of her new Apple iPhone has gone viral for all the wrong reasons.

In a video posted on social media platform Weibo, a woman identified by her surname Liu, located in East China’s Anhui Province, opened a package that was supposed to contain an iPhone 12 Pro Max she had purchased for $2000 from the official Apple website on February 16.

However what she found inside was a box of an apple-flavoured milk drink instead of the smartphone.

A box of Apple flavoured drink
The woman said she had purcahsed an iPhone 12 Pro Max from the official Apple website but instead she was sent a box of apple flavoured drink. Source: Weibo

In the video Liu explained that the courier hadn’t delivered the parcel directly to her but instead, had left it in a secure locker for her to collect.

“The courier said he put the package in a parcel locker in my residential community, and I didn’t [complain],” she said.

Weibo users responded to Liu’s video speculating what could have gone wrong.

“I think it might be courier company employees who replaced the iPhone,” one person wrote, sharing that he had experienced a similar delivery days earlier after purchasing a pair of limited-edition shoes on Nike’s official online store and received an empty shoebox instead.

Another person suggested Liu may have unknowingly used a fake website for the purchase.

“There are many copycat shopping sites,” a user said.

The box the 'fake iphone' arrived in
The woman said the courier left her packge in a parcel locker. Source: Weibo

Local police said on Thursday the case appeared to be one of theft, according to the Global Times.

Both Apple and the courier company, Express Mail Service (EMS), confirmed they had launched investigations into the incident.

“We have appointed colleagues to specially deal with it,” a EMS spokeswoman told the Global Times.

iPhone 12 Pro Max
The iPhone 12 Pro Max Liu ordered but never recieved would have looked similar to this. Source: Getty

Legal expert Zhang Bo spoke with the Global Times and suggested online shoppers be more diligent when spending money online.

“Double check whether it is a legal and formal website before paying, and open the package when the courier is there,” he said.

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