Woman's hilarious reaction to deadly find in ute: 'Please don’t do that'

The Queenslander said she looked down and saw the eastern brown snake next to her gear stick.

A woman has recalled the moment she “had a bit of a heart attack” when a highly venomous deadly eastern brown snake suddenly appeared in her ute.

She said she was driving through a paddock in Diglum, Queensland, this week when all of a sudden she saw the reptile “with [her] next to the gear stick”. “Please get out, please,” she can be heard pleading with the snake in a video as it pokes its head out of the driver’s side door.

Keeping a distance, the woman walks to the side of her ute, showing the eastern brown slithering on the car floor before turning around and heading over to the passenger’s side. “Don’t go back in there,” she urges the reptile. “Please, please, please don’t do that. Where are you going? Please don’t go up in there you f***er.”

The eastern brown snake in the ute, sticking it's head out of the driver's door.
The Queenslander said she was driving through her paddock when she saw the eastern brown snake next to her gear stick. Source: Facebook

Snake crawled in through open window

In an attempt to identify her hitchhiker, the Queenslander posted the clip and images of the large snake on the grass. “ID on this fella? Assuming eastern brown?” she asked a Facebook page dedicated to snakes.

“Yes it’s an eastern brown snake, capable of causing a dangerously venomous bite,” a group expert confirmed. Others commented that the woman must have had the fastest “stop and exit ever”. “Brown snake, brown seat,” someone else joked.

When asked if she keeps her car windows down, the woman said she was fencing on her property last week and “the ute was parked in the paddock for the day with the windows down”. “Assuming that’s when he got in. Poor bugger would’ve been locked in there over the weekend,” she said.

'The snake wants to escape'

Because eastern brown snakes are potentially dangerous, “the last place you want to be is in a confined space with them”, WIRES volunteer Gary Pattison told Yahoo News Australia. “But of course all that snake wants to do is escape. It doesn’t want to be there any more than you want it to be there.”

People get really worried about venomous snakes, but they have no interest in biting something as big as a human being, he said. “The only reason would be a last-minute attempt to save their own life — we can take the threat away by just removing ourselves.”

The large eastern brown snake on the grass and slithering across the ute.
Aussies are encouraged to slowly stop their car, get out and call a snake catcher if they find one in their cars. Source: Facebook

What should I do if I find a snake in my car?

If you also find yourself with a slithery surprise in your vehicle, Pattison said the first thing to do is not panic. “It’s not looking for a confrontation whatsoever. Just pull the car to the side of the road, hazard flashes on, get out and call a professional to come and get the snake out of the car,” he said.

The volunteer, who has been studying snakes for the past 25 years, said “it’s imperative” that once the snake is rescued, it be released in its area of origin, so it’s important to tell the snake handler where the reptile came from.

“They don’t do well out of their comfort zone with threats they’re unfamiliar with,” he added.

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