Woman's amazing discovery about Bunnings policy on plants floors people online

Plant lovers are taking advantage of a handy loophole set to save them from emptying their bank accounts when restocking the garden.

A woman said a Bunnings Warehouse employee let her in on the little-known policy when she visited one of the chain’s stores to buy some new plants on Tuesday.

“I bought two plants yesterday and the Bunnings cashier said that all plants have a 12 month warranty, and if they die we can bring it back for a replacement. I'd never heard this before,” she wrote in a post to a Facebook group on Wednesday.

She wasn’t the only person to have never heard of the policy, with hundreds of social media users leaving comments expressing their surprise.

Bunnings customers have 12 months to return plants if they don't like how they turned out. Source: Google Maps/Benson Fung

“I am a plant killer, no green thumb here. I will remember now to photocopy my receipts and take a picture of the plant just in case,” one person wrote.

“I wish I knew this before, that’s great,” another said.

Others weren’t so sure the policy was legitimate, raising scepticism over what situations might warrant the refusal of plants being returned for cash.

“How does that work? I’d be too embarrassed to return a plant I’d killed,” a person said.

The rule is actually outlined as the “Perfect plant promise” on the retailer’s website, confirming that customers can return their plants for a full refund if they’re not “100% happy” with it.

“All our plants (except seedlings) are guaranteed for 12 months. If you’re not 100% happy, return your plant (with receipt or tax invoice) and we’ll refund it,” the store’s return police states.

Some social media users said they had personally reaped the benefits of the policy after their plants didn’t quite live up to their full potential.

Customers can return their plants if they aren't 100 per cent happy with them. Source: Google Maps/jenny kim

“Yep! And they actually will, I’ve done it with a plant that died,” one wrote.

A woman who said she was a Bunnings employee also verified the rule, writing that customers must present their receipt for the plant and if possible its original pot if they want a refund.

She said it was normally necessary to speak with one of the store’s plant specialists before a refund or replacement could be issued.

The policy does not cover seedlings or plants on clearance, the woman said.

“I won't say they will definitely refund/exchange as there are factors that need to be discussed in store first and it's on a plant by plant basis,” she said.

“Only the expert/manager can make those decisions.”

She added the process could be handled differently based on which store a customer made the refund request.

Yahoo News Australia understands Bunnings will still give a refund for plants that have died, so long as the customer can present a receipt proving their purchase.

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