Woman's bizarre find inside boiled egg: 'Don't believe it'

A woman has been left seeing double after she unearthed an egg inside another egg in a baffling find that has bemused and delighted many on social media.

The bizarre video from China shows the woman peeling a boiled egg to discover an elongated, smaller egg inside. The woman then peels the second egg to reveal cooked egg white.

Local media in China says the strange phenomenon was discovered on January 2, in the city of Dalian in the country's northeast.

The second egg was deformed and not a traditional egg shape. Source: Weibo - Xībù juécè
The second egg was deformed and not a traditional egg shape. Source: Weibo - Xībù juécè

The woman reportedly refused to eat the second egg as it "looked too strange".

The video has caused a stir on Chinese social site Weibo, where viewers were in disbelief over the woman's find.

"I don't believe it," one person said.

"Check the chicken's ID," another joked.

"Amazing," one comment read.

A similar discovery was made at a Far North Queensland free range farm in 2020, with farmer Deb McLucas telling the ABC it was only the second time she'd seen it in six years producing eggs.

"This is quite a rare thing, we don't expect to see it any time again soon," she said.

According to Backyard Poultry, a magazine published by poultry experts, the phenomenon is called a counter-peristalsis contraction and occurs "while the hen is in the process of forming an egg in her oviduct".

"A second oocyte, the ovum that becomes the yolk of an egg, is released by the ovary before the first egg has completely traveled through the oviduct and been laid."

The contraction forces the first oocyte to reverse its course and joins with the second.

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