Woman's $179 toaster ruined by cat's foul act of revenge

Despite being out of pocket, the Gold Coast cat mum said she couldn't help but laugh.


Cats are known to be sometimes spiteful towards their owners when they don't get what they want. Many cat parents can recall the early morning howling and scratching coming from their feline friends wanting breakfast to be served immediately. You could say their spicy attitude is why so many of us love them.

Gold Coast woman Tiarna Wrobel loves her pet sphynx, a type of hairless cat, but it took things to the next level by meowing from 5am on a Sunday morning. Clearly unimpressed, he then demonstrated his discontent by popping a squat over the family's $179 De Longhi toaster when breakfast wasn't served.

"When I decided to [get up] at 8am is when I found the monster turd in the toaster," Tiarna told Yahoo News Australia.

"I literally burst out laughing as I could not actually believe what I was seeing and smelling. Seeing the precision it was almost like someone perfectly placed it in there".

Left is an image of the woman's sphynx cat sitting on a couch. Right is an image of the large poo in her toaster.
Tiarna was 'amazed' by her cat's precision when pooing in the toaster. Source: Supplied / TikTok

The young woman and social media creator has since thrown out the turd-filled toaster, and claims she is buying a new one while they're on sale.

'Spiteful' sphinx also know to urinate in sink

Initially, Tiarna could smell the off-putting stench but could not figure out where it was coming from. Then, as she walked over to make herself a coffee, she found the poo inside her toaster.

"He has never done anything like this before, although he does behave [strangely] at times and sometimes does urinate in the bathroom sink," Tiarna admitted.

Chalking it up to the usual morning naughty behaviour, Tiarna shares that her cat is known to meow and tear at the house if his food is late or he wants something.

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Why would a cat poo outside their litter box?

Most cats use their litter box from an early age without much training required, but may occasionally urinate or defecate in a less-than-desirable spot.

This can happen for many reasons and sometimes it's just plain old cat attitude, but it's always good to seek immediate vet advice if your cat has a sudden behavioural change, as it could be a symptom of a medical issue, according to RSPCA's knowledge base.

Reasons can also include:

  • An unclean litter tray — they need regular emptying and cleaning.

  • Stress and anxiety — changes to routines, such as moving house or changing the type of litter, can cause feelings of stress and frustration.

  • Marking territory — this is only relevant for urination and un-neutered males are the most likely culprits.

  • Negative associations — using praise when a cat uses their litter, instead of punishment when they don't, helps make the litter tray a welcoming place for cats to go.

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