Aussie couple’s fear over ‘weird’ bathtub visitor

Unsure if the creature was a lizard or snake, the couple asked for help online.

An Aussie couple have shared how they grew concerned this week after noticing their cat acting strangely. The cat was staring at the inside of their bathtub drain for hours on end.

For days they had no idea what the cat could possibly be looking at, until the reptilian creature popped his head up from inside the drain.

Concerned, they snapped a picture and shared it online in the hopes of getting an identification. “Our cat has been staring at the drain for a few days, which was obviously weird,” Jason, from Queensland, told Yahoo News Australia.

The cat had spent days staring at the drain. Source: Facebook
The cat had spent days staring at the drain. Source: Facebook

Jason’s girlfriend was in the bathroom when the little bathtub intruder popped his head out of the drain. Fearing it was a snake, the woman quickly snapped a photo before making a run for it.

“She grabbed the cat and slammed the door,” laughed Jason. “We were concerned it may have been a snake because we could only see the head.”

Internet comes to the rescue

Posting the photo to a snake identification Facebook group, Jason hoped to get an ID for the creature.

“Can somebody identify our little bathtub visitor?” asked Jason. “Unsure if it's a lizard or snake. Located on the Sunshine Coast.”

Approved ID'er on the page believed the reptile to be a skink, a small type of lizard. One person even revealed they’d had a similar experience.

“It’s a skink. I'm on the Sunshine Coast and one was in my shower last week,” they said.

“Wannabe Loch Ness Monster,” joked another person, before adding a serious identification.

“Worrying things can crawl up the drains,” said a third person.

While relieved to hear that the animal is a harmless skink, Jason added that he’s not sure how he’ll get the animal out of the drain.

“I don't think he's stuck, maybe just reluctant to leave?” he said, adding they might lure the animal out with food.

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