Woman trapped inside home after Amazon delivery fail

A woman has claimed an Amazon delivery driver trapped her in her home after leaving a package at the door.

Rachael Sanders, from Northampton in the UK, posted a picture on Facebook of the delivery fail that saw her package lodged right underneath her door handle.

She claimed she was forced to climb out her window as the door handle would not budge.

"Cheers Amazon delivery guy ... you absolute tool," she wrote on Facebook on March 17.

"I spent 10 minutes thinking my door handle was broken after your poor attempt at delivery tonight.

"Having to climb out of the front window only to find you had barricaded me in my own house with my own parcel ... good one.

"Amazon guy - 1 – me - 0."

The woman's delivery was lodged underneath her door handle. Source: Facebook
The woman's delivery was lodged underneath her front door handle. Source: Facebook

Thousands of people on Facebook were amused by the delivery fail.

"You had one job," one said.

"I'd be fuming," another commented.

"What an absolute moron," a third added.

Amazon delivery driver slammed for 'dangerous' act

One commented the delivery however could have had serious ramifications.

"Can see the funny side but on the other hand I witnessed a house fire last week down my road and I've just read of another house fire where one sadly died," she said.

Rachael Sanders claims she was forced to jump out her window. Source: Facebook
Rachael Sanders claims she was forced to jump out her window. Source: Facebook

"Doing this is just stupid and dangerous."

Others agreed the placement of the package could have had deadly consequences.

"Imagine if there was a fire, what a stupid place to put it," one said.

"This isn't a safety hazard at all," another commented.

"Bloody idiot," somebody else stated.

While some questioned why she could not exit the home using another door at the property, Ms Sanders told The Sun she had "no other option".

An Amazon spokesperson told the publication it was investigating the incident.

Yahoo News Australia has contacted Amazon for comment.

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