Amazon customer's surprising find in baby bottle order

A mum has claimed she found a makeshift weapon inside her Amazon delivery.

The US woman took to a Facebook group dedicated to strange finds to share a photo of the added extra alongside the Como Tomo baby bottles she had bought.

"I just got baby bottles with a free shank attached from Amazon," she said.

A photo of a box of baby bottles with the piece of broken CD they were delivered with.
The woman's discovery of an alleged 'shank' on an Amazon order of baby bottles. Source: Facebook

Some users commenting on her post said it appeared to be part of a broken CD.

Others referenced the widely reported poor working conditions in Amazon warehouses, with the company currently engaged in a long-standing dispute with unions.

"Dystopian nightmare warehouse conditions may explain the shank," one wrote.

Many speculated the package had been processed in a prison or sweatshop.

People commenting see funny side in Amazon delivery fail

The majority of those commenting seemed to see the funny side of the woman's discovery.

"Old enough to crawl, old enough to brawl," one person wrote, garnering more than 100 likes.

"Did you look at that and say to yourself 'shanks, but no shanks!'?" another said.

"Baby's first shank. Love it!" another wrote.

The post received more than 5000 reactions and more than 1000 comments.

Yahoo News Australia has contacted Amazon regarding the woman's claims.

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