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Woman sues doctor after needing the toilet 100 times a day

The complication emerged after childbirth with the mum claiming the doctor is to blame.

A former patient at a women's clinic should be awarded $460,000 in compensation after a doctor's alleged error while she gave birth left her urinating over 100 times a day, a court has suggested.

Ex-patient Julia A., 41, has been suffering from acute incontinence ever since being subjected to a forceps delivery at a private clinic in Bielefeld, Germany, almost seven years ago.

Julia has accused her doctor of having given her too high a dose of anesthetic, which allegedly made the risky birthing necessary.

She had filed a lawsuit against the clinic, but the Bielefeld Regional Court dismissed the case in July 2022 despite the hospital allegedly presenting forged medical records.

Now, the literature student has appealed to the Higher Regional Court of Hamm hoping to get justice.

"I no longer have a normal life," she told Newsflash.

The woman says she needs to go to the toilet up to 100 times a day. Source: Getty, file.
The woman says she needs to go to the toilet up to 100 times a day. Source: Getty, file.

She went to the renowned clinic while experiencing strong contractions in July 2016. Because of the pain, she was given an epidural anaesthesia that stopped the contractions altogether, however she alleges the dose was too high.

Then followed the forceps delivery - which resulted in the birth of a healthy baby boy - but caused permanent damage to the mother's pelvic floor and nerves.

In addition, she claims the doctor had forgotten to empty her bladder, which caused the damage.

Both allegations were denied by the doctor.

Mum can barely leave the house after birth

Since the birth, Julia says she has had to go to the toilet up to 100 times a day and suffers from acute sleep deprivation. She can no longer work and can hardly leave the house.

A government-paid nanny often takes care of her two children when they want to go to the playground.

While the Bielefeld Regional Court could not find any gross medical error and considered the forged records irrelevant, the Higher Court considers the missed emptying of the bladder to be likely and had criticised the fact that the patient was not adequately informed about the risks of the procedure.

The Higher Court has proposed Julia be awarded with a EUR 300,000 ($460,000) compensation.

If no settlement is reached, a new expert opinion will be commissioned to determine whether the anaesthetic was overdosed.

The parties are now to inform the Court of their decision. Meanwhile, the Bielefeld public prosecutor's office is set to investigate the doctor for bodily harm and attempted fraud.

- Newsflash/ Australscope

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