Woman slams divisive parking rule as 'absurd' after $116 fine

Did you know this parking rule was enforced in some areas?

To reverse park, or not to reverse park, that is the question. And while many drivers have a personal preference, some council car parks actually have set rules on which way you're allowed to park.

One woman learned this the hard way and copped a $116 fine for parking the "wrong way". The young Aussie had parked nose-first in a car park on Gympie Terrace, Noosaville where, as it turns out, people are required to reverse park. "Was I the only one who didn't know you could get a parking fine for parking nose in?" Shakira asks people online. "I'm within the lines. Does that not seem a bit absurd?"

The street is lined with angled parking along one side and has signs scattered in the area saying "rear in" which the council states is due to "safety" reasons.

Left: An image of Shakira holding up her fine from Noosa Shire Council. Right image of the parking sign saying 'rear in'.
Shakira shows off the fine she copped for parking nose-first at Noosaville. Source: TikTok/Google Maps

Divide over parking manoeuvre instruction

While many were quick to point out the signs that are along the strip, others felt Shakira should "challenge" the fine despite this.

"I'd be challenging that. I have never heard of it," one person responded. "I don’t understand why is that a rule you must reverse park? Shouldn’t it be optional?" another asked.

Some already knew of the rule and explained the reasoning. "45 degree parking should always be done a particular way due to the angle. Parking the wrong way makes it dangerous to get out hence the rules for it," one said.

Why is rear-in parking required here?

Noosa Council states online rear-in angle parking is "enforced in certain areas, including Gympie Terrace in Noosaville" for "safety". It is required because of the "presence of a continuous solid white line that runs along the roadway, adjacent to the designated parking areas."

Parking nose-in at the angle would require a vehicle to" cross the solid white line" when entering or exiting the parking bay which is "dangerous as it involves crossing into oncoming traffic". It would also mean reversing out into oncoming traffic, which the council says poses a risk to both motorists and pedestrians.

This is opposed to nose-in parking, which is enforced in specific areas in the council "to prevent toxic vehicle exhaust fumes from entering business premises" such as those with kerb-side dining.

Other Aussie councils enforce similar parking rules

While some people have never heard of this kind of parking rule before, it is not the only council to implement something like this.

A dad visiting Manly Beach in Sydney with his baby and dog was slapped with a $120 fine after reverse parking into a "front to kerb" car space on North Steyne. Similarly, in Byron Bay in 2023, another person was hit with a fine for missing sign instructions and parking rear-in to a front to kerb spot after the council introduced the rule in the area in 2010.

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