Woman slammed for 'unfair' parking act caught on dashcam

Video shows the woman standing in the Gold Coast parking spot trying to reserve the space for her friend when things kick off.

The blood of many Aussies has been boiling after dashcam footage captured a woman attempting to reserve a public car space by standing in it.

Similar incidents have led to arguments before, and this case was no different, with the Gold Coast dashcam owner stopping so he could park, before asking the unmoving woman if she was actually "reserving" the spot.

"Surely you’re not reserving a spot," he said in disbelief. "That’s really unfair, you’re not even a car."

The young woman did not budge, pointing behind the man trying to park — seemingly at her accomplice's vehicle. "We're not moving for you, you’re going to have to find a new one I’m sorry," she allegedly said.

Image of a woman standing in a car park to reserve it off a Gold Coast road.
The woman was captured on dashcam trying to reserve a car spot on the Gold Coast. Source: TikTok

Majority share driver's anger at car park move

Almost everyone who saw the exchange shared their disapproval, saying they would not have "given up". "This makes me so mad!! I would have parked around her half off the road and walked away," one said.

"She has NO RIGHT to do that. You should have parked and filmed her. YOU had the right to that park," exclaimed another.

A small few did disagree, saying they believe it is "perfectly okay to reserve a parking spot", though others quickly responded, shutting them down.

Is it illegal for a pedestrian to reserve a car park?

It isn't just everyday drivers who condemn the act, the NRMA has also slammed the move in a blog post it shared about car park etiquette rules, saying it is "extremely anti-social" and "should go without saying" that a spot cannot be claimed in this way.

Despite this, there are no exact rules that specifically mention reserving car spaces in this way. Although Queensland transport legislation states that a pedestrian could be penalised for intentionally getting in the way of drivers without reason.

"A pedestrian must not unreasonably obstruct the path of any driver or another pedestrian," it says under regulation 236.

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