Driver's 'reverse of shame' caught on dashcam after 'entitled' road act

The offending driver was forced into a Woolworths car park in a 'reverse of shame' caught on camera.

Road users sick of dealing with "entitled" drivers have praised one man for his "heroic" and defiant response after one Ford driver was caught in what's been labelled a shameful overtaking effort.

Dashcam footage from Monday shows a row of cars backed up in Jordan Springs, Sydney while a black Ford SUV tries to drive down the wrong side of the road in an attempt to overtake the backed up traffic of "parents waiting for traffic lights in line for the school pickup".

However the Ford driver's audacious act was cut short when the owner of the dashcam, Gareth, turned into his path by heading the correct direction on the street. Despite being in the wrong, the driver appeared angry his path was now blocked.

"Entitled moron driver got mad at me when I wouldn't back up and let him continue overtaking multiple cars at once, on the wrong side of the road, over double white lines, in a school zone!" Gareth said.

Screenshot from the dashcam footage showing the Ford coming down the wrong way.
The dashcam owner told Yahoo incidents like this happen often near the school. Source: Supplied

Gareth told Yahoo News Australia he was "coming out of a driveway slowly" and looking to his right to make sure no one was coming from that side before pulling out and encountering the Ford. "I was so surprised to see him there I wasn’t sure what to do for a moment," he said.

"Then he started reversing, so I just decided to follow him — I never beeped my horn, flashed my lights, revved my engine or anything like that."

Gareth claims the Ford almost hit "two other cars in the process of reversing" before entering a Woolworths loading dock and giving Gareth the bird. "I’m usually in that queue myself — I’m a dad and two of my kids attend the school — and I see people like this guy do stupid things like this here every day," he told Yahoo.

While Gareth has not yet reported the incident to police he is considering it and has been urged to do so by others online who have seen the footage. However the Aussie dad is hoping "the embarrassment" is enough for them to be "more patient or find a different way around" in the future.

Aussies praise dashcam owner's response

Drivers across the country have since called Gareth a "hero" for forcing the Ford back. "This is the best thing I’ve seen in a long time. Well done," one person applauded. "Ah, nothing quite like a good ol’ reverse of shame," another agreed.

Second video this week of a car driving in the wrong lane

Police are investigating a separate incident involving a car driving the wrong way along a busy Australian road, narrowly avoiding a potential collision and horrifying motorists.

A NSW Police spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia while drivers doing this is "rare", it is not "uncommon". "Some of these incidents can be attributed to driver error, a medical condition, changes in road signage," they said. "The offence of 'not keep left of median strip – motor vehicle' carries a penalty of $387 and three demerit points," they added.

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