Shocking moment car drives on wrong side of busy road: 'Hand your licence in'

Footage of a motorist driving the wrong way into a busy intersection has been shared online, horrifying road users.

Police are investigating the shocking moment a car drove the wrong way along a busy Australian road, narrowly avoiding a potential collision.

The white Subaru SUV, which had its blinkers on, was caught on dashcam slowly driving the wrong way down Camden Valley Way at Gregory Hills in south west Sydney, and the video was shared on a community Facebook group, horrifying motorists.

“Okay, what the hell do you call this?” a voice was heard saying in the footage captured on Sunday evening. “S**t, he doesn’t even realise. What the hell do you call that? F**ken idiot.”

A car driving on the wrong side of the road.
Shocking footage of a car driving the wrong way into a busy intersection in Sydney has been shared online. Source: Facebook

The post captioned, “If this was you today. Camden Valley Way, Gregory Hills near Bunnings at 5:50pm, please hand your licence in,” attracted hundreds of reactions and comments.

“Get off the road, mate,” one commenter said. “Wtf!,” wrote another, while a third said: “Probably doesn’t have a licence.”

One motorist added: “I’ve seen so many people do this. It’s common and scary.”

While another wrote: “Literally last night, the same thing at the same spot! The old guy turned out of Turner Rd but luckily a police car stopped him.”

One more said: “What a f**khead. Could have caused a big head on crash,” while another added: “At this point, this person didn’t get their licence out of a cereal box. What an absolute idiot.”

A slightly more sympathetic voice said: “Really, maybe he was from the country and took the turn accidentally and went, ‘s**t’. He was probably more scared than anyone. At least he/her drove slow with their hazards on. People should be nicer.”

Another wrote: “Maybe the long grass on the median strip obscures the fact that it is a dual carriageway? It is a very wide roadway and he was driving on the left and not actually driving badly – just on the wrong side. It happens.”

The slow-moving vehicle displayed its hazard lights as it entered the busy intersection. Source: Facebook
The slow-moving vehicle displayed its hazard lights as it entered the busy intersection. Source: Facebook

'Rare but not uncommon', NSW Police say

A NSW Police spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia officers were not aware of the incident but will investigate and “determine if an offence has been committed”.

“It is rare, but not uncommon, for vehicles to be driven on the incorrect side of the road,” the spokesperson said. “Some of these incidents can be attributed to driver error, a medical condition, changes in road signage.”

The police spokesperson added that under the Australian Road Rules, “the offence of ‘not keep left of median strip – motor vehicle’ carries a penalty of $387 and three demerit points”.

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