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Woman shocked to discover her birth mother ‘sold her’

A woman has shared a shocking discovery about her biological family.

Shawne Bolton, 42, from the US state of Utah, who uses the TikTok handle beardedmom, shared on the platform on Sunday she found out about 16 years ago that she had been kidnapped as a child and wasn’t raised by her biological parents.

“I was in a healthy place for the first time and I was preparing to get married and I had two children," Ms Bolton said.

"I assumed that the fastest way to track my biological mother down would be to seek out a criminal record for her."

She called the police for the city she was born in and said the sheriff became “extremely interested”. Ms Bolton claims the sheriff told her she had been missing since 1980.

Unfortunately, the records into her disappearance have been archived.

Shawne Bolton, 42, is pictured.
Shawne Bolton, 42, revealed over a series of videos how she found her biological family and discovered her mum had given her to another family. Source: TikTok/ beardedmom

Woman finds out mum 'sold her'

However, in a later video Ms Bolton revealed the family she grew up with or her “kidnappers” had actually bought her from her biological mother.

When her grandmother asked her mum what had happened, the mum reported her daughter missing to police.

Ms Bolton said her mum then participated in a search for her even though she knew where her daughter was the entire time.

“My mother’s family – they all believe I was kidnapped,” she said.

The people she grew up with believe she was saved “from a crazy lady”, she said.

However, she added the family who purchased her were abusive.

“It was confusing. I couldn’t work out why they didn’t love me and why they treated me as terribly as they did,” Ms Bolton said.

When the couple she was living with divorced Ms Bolton was told the pair were not her biological parents.

Ms Bolton has since found her biological mum but not her dad.

With the help of police, she found her mum but was warned by her aunts and uncles not to establish a relationship with her.

Ms Bolton said the bonding with her biological family “didn’t go well” either and she felt like an outcast.

She made the decision after about a decade of getting to know her biological family to not speak with them anymore.

“I’m doing much better now. I own my own business. I don’t have any contact with any of my family. I do have a very complicated relationship with my children that I would love to repair and I spend every day trying to do that. I’m not perfect,” she said.

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