Woman reveals painful condition caused by kissing

The video has racked up 2.6 million views online with many shocked by the side effect.

A woman has "learnt the hard way" when it comes to how "sore" and unsightly kissing a man can be — with his tiny stubble hair leaving a large skin irritation on her face.

The 22-year-old TikToker, who goes by Maliboo online, revealed the aftermath of kissing a bearded partner by showing her red and angry-looking chin in a video posted online.

"Abolish stubble, my chin can’t take it anymore," she wrote.

The TikToker's red and irritated chin can be seen after kissing a bearded man.
The TikToker couldn't believe the skin reaction she suffered after kissing a bearded man. Source: TikTok

Internet horrified by side effect of kissing bearded man

The video amassed over two million views online and many were astounded to learn such a severe-looking skin irritation could be caused by simply kissing someone, while many others admitting they knew the "pain" all too well.

"I'm crying, this was just me," one shared, while another said they had suffered a similar experience and endured pimples across her chin and lips for weeks. "The stubble looks great but at what cost," a third woman commented.

Skin irritation can be 'common', dermatologist explains

The skin irritation is called contact dermatitis, which causes the skin to become inflamed when it comes in contact with something.

"It is common, especially if the partner already has sensitive skin background or uses skin actives that increases skin sensitivity in general," Consultant dermatologist and Fellow of the Australian College of Dermatology Dr Heba Jibreal told Yahoo News Australia. "The inflamed rash is usually itchy and dry."

"It’s usually mild and will heal without long-term issues," she said, suggesting topical skin creams with active ingredients are best avoided and careful washing practice should be adopted. "However, if it is a bit severe [patients] may need mild topical steroids or oral antibiotics if secondary infection [occurs]."

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