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Aussie woman kicked out of the gym for 'dumb' reason

A Gold Coast woman has blasted her local gym for not allowing her to wear socks and slides. Who is in the wrong?

An Aussie woman has shared her outrage over being kicked out of her gym for wearing socks and slides while she had an injured toe.

Kenzie, who uses Goodlife gym at Bundall on the Gold Coast, took to social media on Wednesday shocked that her inability to wear shoes prevented her from using the gym.

"I'm probably going to cancel my membership there because that is so dumb," she said.

Two images. Left is of Kenzie, who has blonde hair pulled back, holding her white slide for the camera. Right is a close up of Kenzie.
Kenzie has an injured toe and says she cannot wear enclosed shoes. Source: Supplied

Her socks and slide attire was due to a possibly broken toe and loose toenail that she says makes wearing shoes unbearably painful, Kenzie told viewers. She said she was walking around the gym in slides but took the slides off when doing her exercise.

"Then a man comes up to me and says 'you have to leave because you can't wear no shoes'," she explained.

"I said 'I can't put shoes on'."

Goodlife at Bundall declined to comment on the woman's situation when contacted by Yahoo News but said wearing enclosed shoes is part of the gym's terms and conditions due to health and safety conditions.

"All members and guests must wear suitable clothes and enclosed sports shoes in any exercise areas, except for wet areas," their terms and conditions state.

Shoes at gyms – a divisive topic

Reactions to Kenzie's video have been extremely mixed, with a large portion of people disagreeing with her entirely.

"You become a legal liability, it’s not that deep, all gyms have this rule," one commenter said.

"You can’t walk around any business without footwear on," explained another.

Self-described "gym people" came to Kenzie's defence, agreeing that she should cancel her membership because of this.

"Only non-gym people can fight this. Nobody wears shoes on leg day. It’s a fact," said one.

"Everyone saying all gyms have this rule, no they don’t. How unfair!! Definitely cancel membership," continued another person.

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Not an isolated occurrence

On the same day this week, a South Sydney man shared his experience of being kicked out of the gym for wearing Birkenstocks, without any warning. "The amount of people I've seen in this exact gym wear them," he said in frustration.

The commenters on his video were overwhelmingly more in favour of sandals and slides at gyms.

"Can’t tell me joggers will protect your toes if you drop weights on them, what are you meant to wear, steel caps?" agreed one person.

"I legit wear my Birkenstocks and crocs there, that’s crazy bro," commented another in solidarity.

"The Birkenstock and crocs hate at gyms needs to stop," said a third person.

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