Woman praised for 'terrifying' Uber habit: 'Hell smart'

The safety measures one woman takes every time she gets into an Uber have been deemed “terrifying but clever” after going viral online.

Brenna, from the US, revealed in a recent TikTok video that whenever she is in a ride-share vehicle, she always leaves strands of hair and fingerprints on the windows.

The footage shows her dropping a blonde hair on the floor while sitting in the backseat of a car before pressing her fingers on the window.

Brenna leaving hair and fingerprints in an Uber.
Brenna, from the US, revealed that whenever she is in an Uber, she always leaves strands of hair and fingerprints on the windows. Source: TikTok

“Ever since a girl on TikTok said she leaves hair and fingerprints in all her Ubers…I leave hair and fingerprints in all my Ubers,” she wrote on the clip, which she captioned “ladies amirite” and hash tagged #lovebeingawoman.

More than 12,000 people have flooded the video — which has been viewed almost 28 million times — with comments, many of which deemed Brenna’s habit “hella smart”.

“This is terrifying and clever at the same time,” one woman wrote, while another said it was a “shame” women felt like they had to do things like this “to stay safe”.

“I used to do this if I ever got in my date’s car, along with texting the registration to my bestie…what a sad world we live in,” a third woman added.

Numerous others revealed they perform similar safety measures when getting into an Uber or taxi.

“I sit directly behind the driver. They may insist I move and it’s uncomfortable saying no, but I’m not moving,” one person said. “Every time I get into a Lyft or Uber I send my mum a picture of the car where you can see the license plate,” another admitted.

Women give TikToker advice

Some people even gave Brenna advice on how to improve her habit.

“Please make sure you’re sharing your Uber rides with someone through the app too. I always make sure the child lock is off…get inside with the flash on at night so you can see,” a TikTok user encouraged.

“Maybe put your finger prints on the tiny window at the back or the back glass — might not get cleaned like the door window would,” another suggested.

Brenna and her hand against the Uber window.
Numerous people gave Brenna advice on how to improve her safety measures. Source: TikTok

“Spread your prints out homie. One full print is better than fragments of all of them. Overlapping makes it complicated,” someone else said.

Several others encouraged Brenna to make sure the strand of hair she leaves behind has a follicle on it for DNA.

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