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Uber driver caught in the act by Sydney passenger: 'Been busy'

A Sydney Uber driver has been caught in a compromising act, which was captured by his somewhat amused passenger.

After being picked up in the early hours of the morning, the person got into the car and claimed to have noticed the words "Hot Amateur Teen Sex" by on the touch screen.

"Uber driver has been busy before picking me up," the passenger said on Reddit.

A photo of the inside of a Sydney Uber driver's car.
A Sydney Uber driver was apparently watching porn on his phone, which was captured by a passenger on the car's touch screen. Source: Reddit/yarnwildebeest (Reddit/yarnwildebeest)

People in the comments suggested he was watching the X-rated video on his phone, which was connected to the car, before picking up the passenger.

"For anyone wondering, if you lock a phone while playing a video on an iPhone browser, then later get into your car, if the car auto connects, the video title will show," one person said. "It doesn’t mean the driver was watching porn while in the car."

Social media users respond to Uber driver's act

The post has racked up more than 1000 views, with some finding the incident funny.

"Isn't "Hot Amateur Teen Sex" the latest hit single to hit the radio waves?," one person joked. "It’s 5am and I feel he gotta do what he gotta do," said another.

Though the general consensus were disgusted, considering the act to be unprofessional, unhygienic and "so gross".

"Why in your car though? Just seems massively inappropriate," one person said. "I would find that utterly terrifying and try to get out asap," another wrote.

"Let's hope he wasn't in the backseat before you," a third person added. Yahoo News Australia has contacted Uber for comment.

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