'Huge red flag': Woman’s shopping habit angers partner

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A single photo of a woman’s method of putting away the groceries has angered the internet, with people telling her boyfriend to dump her.

The partner shared a photo of the groceries to the Reddit, ‘mildly infuriating’, the groceries are unloaded into the pantry, still in the plastic shopping bags.

“This is not mildly infuriating; it's far worse,” someone said in the comments.

“How can a single picture make me so angry?” one person said.

Many people in the comments said leaving the goods in the bags was just lazy - and a justifiable reason to end the relationship.

“That's a huge red flag. You need to break up with her right away,” someone said.

Unpacked groceries in a pantry. Source: Reddit/r/mildlyinfuriating
A man shared a picture of how his girlfriend unpacks the groceries and people were infuriated. Source: Reddit/r/mildlyinfuriating

One person made a stunning admission, saying they had done this in the past, though it was only temporary and as soon as they could, they went back and put the groceries away correctly.

Though some weren’t happy with how the girlfriend was copping so much hate over a single photo.

“Top 30 comments are all a bunch of a**holes with no patience for people whatsoever,” one Reddit user said.

“This one thing his girlfriend does doesn't invalidate her as an entire person.”

The people started sharing the bizarre things people in their lives do which are equally infuriating.

“My wife throws trash in the sink. The can is literally under the sink” someone said.

“My boyfriend throws all his recycling in the sink,” another person said.

“He says it’s so he can rinse it before putting it in the recycling bin but it just sits in the sink for days.”

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