Woman gets stuck in barbed wire fence trying to escape jail

A woman has been treated for injuries after she got caught in a barbed wire fence at a western Sydney jail.

The 36-year-old prisoner attempted to escape Silverwater Jail only to get caught at the top of a 10-metre barbed wire fence.

She scaled the first of three security fences around 2pm, climbed the second, but could not get any further.

A cherry picker was called to get the woman down.

Source: 7 News
Source: 7 News

Jenny Vuong, who was in a park nearby, witnessed the rescue.

“It’s a bit scary because we were playing with the kids,” she said.

Corrective Services NSW spokeswoman said the 36-year-old was being treated by Justice Health on site.

"Corrective Services NSW will immediately launch an investigation into the incident, which occurred just prior to inmates’ afternoon lockdown at the 380-bed correctional centre," she said in a statement.

Source: 7 News
Source: 7 News

Early reports suggested a male prisoner had tried to escape, but it was later confirmed it was a female.

A NSW ambulance spokesman said the patient did not require transport after suffering lacerations.

The woman could face charges but is believed to be in jail on serious drug charges and climbed the fence as a protest over access to methadone medication.

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