Woman forced to chop off her eyelashes for new passport photo

A woman had to resort to extreme means after being told her fake eyelashes were too long to get a passport photo taken.

Malaysian-French actress Maddy Breteche was trying to get her passport renewed in Malaysia, and filmed her natural makeup look, knowing "they're quite weird about putting makeup on".

However this did not go to plan, as they told her the fake lashes had to go. "You're not going to f***ing believe this guys, actually you will because it’s my life," she said on TikTok.

Two photos of a woman who had to cut her fake eyelashes for a passport photo.
A Malaysian-French actor shocked people with the extreme lengths she had to go to get her passport photo taken. Source: TikTok/maddybreteche

"They took one look at my face and said 'your eyelash extensions are too long'. They give me scissors and say 'either you come back another day — I'm flying off tomorrow — or you cut yourself.'"

The actor who lives and works in Singapore and Malaysia, said she decided to go with the scissors option given she was "on a tight deadline".

The dramatic unfolding led to her "butchering (her) eyelashes," which she showed in the video.

She is then seen going back and asking if her eyelashes are okay now, pleading that she "cannot cut anymore".

To top it off, the woman was also asked to take her eye contacts off. "So I'm sitting there in the chair right, and the officer goes 'wearing lens?. And I'm like, yeah, because I'm blind. He said, you need to take it off," Ms Breteche said.

"Bro, my degree is 1200, I'm not taking off my lenses. But then I have to stick my finger in my eye to prove that it's not a colour contact."

Despite the frustrating situation, the woman appeared to be optimistic, saying she could't believe the passport renewal was complete in 30 minutes. "I can't believe it, in and out in 30 minutes. This is unheard of for Malaysia," she said.

Social media users react to 'butchered eyelashes'

Many were shocked that this was the standard in Malaysia, with more than 1.3 million people viewing the video and almost 2000 commenting.

"The way I screammmmmm when you butchered your lashessss," one person said.

"The fact the photo is just black and white," said another.

"Wow, that's strict. In SG (Singapore), we just take photos ourselves or in some shop, send it online and collect about a week later via appointment," a third person said.

One person claimed in the comments that she was lying, to which the woman responded with "Why would I cut off my expensive lashes for a joke". Others also asked how she was "so calm talking to them and still smiling". "I was scared they would tell me to cut more," she responded. I had to laugh honestly I didn't wanna cry in front of them".

Another person shared her similar experience with being asked to take off her eye contacts. "Goddd mine literally asked to go downstairs to buy a lens case to take off my clear lens when I'm literally blind without my lens??" they said.

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