'Bun was too big': Woman's hilarious passport photo fail

A woman on TikTok has shared the hilarious result when she said her passport photo had to be photoshopped because her hair was "too big."

Katie, who posts under the TikTok username @katiefiore898, said she went to US store Wallgreens to have her passport photo taken with her hair styled in a high bun.

However the creative attempt from staff to alter the photo so it met passport requirements left Katie shaking her head.

TikTok user, katiefiore898, shares her passport photoshop fail
The TikTok user was left mortified when she saw her altered passport photo (right). Source: TikTok/katiefiore898

“Wore a bun to get my passport pictures but they said it was too big. They just had to cut it off,” Katie wrote on TikTok.

The video which has since been viewed over half a million times, showed Katie with her hair in a bun before she revealed the altered passport photo she was ultimately left with.

The video left users in hysterics with many asking why the photographer thought it was a good idea.

"Why would you wear a bun for a picture that's going to last at least ten years?” one person asked.

Several people wondered why the Walgreens staff member didn’t just ask Katie to restyle her hair.

“She didn’t let me know what she had done until she printed it out," Katie replied.

Another person questioned if photoshopping passport photos was even legal.

“Who edited your photo? I am a passport acceptance agent and wow, this is so not legal,” a person commented.

According to Australian standards passport photos cannot be retouched in any way and the size of the face from chin to crown can be up to a maximum of 36mm, with a minimum of 32mm.

US passport photo regulations state that hair cannot obscure a person's face and the head must be sized between 25 and 35mm.

Katie confirmed after seeing the disastrous photoshop fail, she took her hair out of the bun and sat for another passport photo.

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