Is it a snake? Is it a worm? Queensland woman's unexpected find on a mountain walk

A Gold Coast woman got the shock of her life when she found a giant creature in the dirt on Tamborine Mountain.

Kelli Mace found the enormous invertebrate in the dirt during a walk, tentatively picking it up between two sticks for photographic proof.

Kelli Mace tentatively holds up the giant worm. Source: 7 News

An image of the enormous worm was a hit when it was posted to 7 News' Facebook page, attracting hundreds of comments.

Tamborine Mountain is well known for its giant earthworms, which can sometimes be up to two metres in length.

The worm, can Digaster longmani, comes to the surface after heavy rains cause their hiding holes to flood.

Not as potentially dangerous as a snake, perhaps - but for some, probably just as scary.