Woman finds 'dead snake' in Aldi baked beans: 'Traumatising'

The 26-year-old shopper described the revolting discovery as 'something grey and black with distinctive markings'.

An Aldi shopper has described the moment she almost launched baked beans across her kitchen after making a horrifying find inside the can.

After returning home from her grocery shop, the 26-year-old woman said she got the fright of her life when she lifted the can’s lid to discover what appeared to be a “dead snake” floating on top of the red sauce.

The Welsh native, who purchased the tin of Corale baked beans from her local Aldi, posted a photo of the bizarre sight, which she described as “something grey and black with distinctive markings”, on Twitter.

The 'dead snake' floating in the can of baked beans from Aldi.
'So um…is that a snake in my beans?' the woman asked on Twitter after making the gross find inside a can of beans from Aldi. Source: Twitter/Aldi

“So um…is that a snake in my beans?” she captioned the photo, WalesOnline reports. The woman’s startling find has since gone viral, with hundreds of social media users sharing their revulsion.

One person deemed it “traumatising”, while another vowed to “never eat beans again”, local publications report. “I can't even look at that – oh my God,” someone else said.

Aldi shopper's horror goes viral

The Aldi shopper revealed she was too scared to further investigate the strange ‘creature’.

“I almost threw the tin across the room when I opened it up and saw what was inside,” she told WalesOnline. “I physically couldn't bring myself to touch it. So I poked it with a fork and it all moved at once, after which point I refused to look again.”

General view of an Aldi store on the Old Kent Road in London.
An Aldi spokesperson said a possible cause could be a 'breach in the packaging which has allowed air to enter and cause the item to perish'. Source: Anthony Devlin/PA Wire

The 26-year-old, who wanted to remain anonymous, said she then “wrapped it up” and took it to Aldi to complain. “They gave me two bottles of wine as a goodwill gesture,” she added.

While the snake-like object remains a mystery, an Aldi spokesperson told the publication a possible cause could be a “breach in the packaging which has allowed air to enter and cause the item to perish”.

They also urged any customers who encounter such a problem with an item to return to their local store for a refund.

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