Warning after deadly snake found in common hiding spot

The woman revealed the moment she unexpectedly came across the venomous 'fella'.

A NSW woman has shared the shocking moment she came face-to-face with a deadly snake while getting ready to leave her home.

The woman shared photos of the "surprising" find in her running shoe in the Central Coast suburb of Jilliby, asking for the snake to be identified.

"I bent down to pick up my shoes and was surprised by this fella," she said on Monday in the Snake Identification Australia group.

Two photos of a red-bellied black snake in a woman's running shoe.
A woman found a deadly red-bellied black snake in her running shoe left outside as she was about to put it on. Source: Facebook/Snake Identification Australia

"We had a red belly in the same spot (front door step) last week. Perhaps he didn’t go? The weather has been cooler so I was quite surprised to see this one fairly active. They did choose the black shoes!"

After their interaction, the sneaky creature — most likely seeking a warm hideaway —"slithered away".

"Pretty sure I’m going to be seeing him some more," the woman joked.

Always check your shoes

The post attracted more than 500 reactions and over 150 comments, with many commenting their thoughts on the frightening situation.

"Yes it’s a red-bellied black snake (Pseudechis porphyriacus), capable of causing a dangerously venomous bite," one snake expert said in the comments.

"This is my worst fear," another said.

"Put an old sock or stocking over the hole where your foot goes in the shoe," a third person recommended.

Slithering inside a shoe is one of the most common ways a snake can get into a home, along with doors and pet doors, Melbourne snake catcher Mark Pelley said.

"One of my clients left his shoes outside, the eastern brown snake crawled inside, he brought the shoes in the car, drove from point A to point B, left the shoes in the car, drove back, parked the car in the garage, left the front door open, and the snake crawled out of the shoes and into the garage that way," he said of a recent case.

"And then from the garage to the front door inside the house."

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