New twist after man dumps girlfriend just days after winning $6m in Lotto

A Canadian woman who was dumped by her boyfriend just days after he won more than $6 million in a lottery jackpot is in a fierce legal battle to claim half his prize money.

Denise Robertson is claiming entitlement to half - roughly $3.07 million - of the winning amount as Maurice Thibeault's former live-in partner of more than two years.

But Ms Robertson was recently informed that the The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp (OLG) plans to pay Mr Thibeault the undisputed half, and she argues this is 'unfair'.

Ms Robertson's lawyer Steve Pickard said his client would have to fight the case using her own financial resources while Mr Thibeault had the advantage of his lottery winnings, The Toronto Sun reported.

Denise Robertson is claiming half her ex-partner's Lottery winnings. Source: Facebook

OLG notified Ms Robertson by letter that it was withholding the disputed amount and was intending to award Mr Thibeault the undisputed amount by the end of the year.

The winning ticket. Source: CBC

“As you have claimed entitlement to one-half of the prize, being approximately $3.07 million, OLG will retain this portion of the prize,” the letter stated.

“The other one-half prize share is undisputed by you and it is OLG’s intention to pay this share to Maurice Thibeault, subject to any applicable deductions, on or about Dec. 30, 2017.”

Mr Thibeault won $6 million and then moved out without telling his girlfriend. Source: Supplied.

The former couple made headlines after Mr Thibeault bought one of two winning tickets in a $12 million jackpot on September 20 and then promptly moved out without telling his girlfriend.

In an affidavit, Ms Robertson said the couple had always agreed to share the winnings of any lottery tickets purchased during their two-year-long relationship.

They now look set for a long, drawn-out legal battle.