Woman drops pants and threatens to urinate in plane aisle during altercation

Wild video shows the woman dropping her underwear in front of stunned passengers.

A woman has brazenly dropped her pants and threatened to urinate in the plane's aisle after staff refused her access to the bathroom.

The bizarre moment on Monday on board a Frontier Airlines flight in the US was caught on camera, with the person filming describing it as the "most awful experience".

The video begins with the woman remonstrating with a flight attendant before placing a sweater on a passenger's chair and apologising to everyone around her. She then proceeds to bend down and pull down her leggings and underwear, exposing herself.

The woman in a red t-shirt pulls her underwear down, exposing her bottom.
The passenger dropped her leggings, exposing her behind to horrified passengers. Source: Facebook/ Julie Voshell Hartman

The act triggers a wave of groans from passengers in disbelief. "I don't give a f***! F*** you! I gotta go pee!" the woman shouts before arguing with passengers.

The person filming explained on Facebook the "vulgar" incident unfolded in front of children and claimed the woman also threatened passengers.

"I literately had a front row seat to the spectacle... She threatened me after I told her to sit down," she explained.

Another person claiming to also be a passenger on the flight later shared a second video of the woman at Philadelphia airport, reportedly in the car park 15 minutes after passengers disembarked the plane, leaving the airport.

It is unclear if she was spoken to by authorities. Yahoo News Australia has contacted Frontier Airlines regarding the incident.

Nudity on flights is nothing new, with a pilot furious last year when a passenger airdropped a nude picture to other onboard. A similar incident happened on a flight to Denver just months earlier where a man sent around a picture of his penis.

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