Air New Zealand's 'amazing' act for Aussie embarking on wild buck's party

An intricate plan to pull off a secret buck's party was only made possible thanks to the airline.

There can often be a level of apprehension when seeing a group of blokes heading off for a buck's party board your flight. But for Air New Zealand, it seems parties embarking on the pre-marriage ritual are more than welcome, with the airline hilariously doing its bit for one young Aussie's mystery celebration.

Blindfolded and unaware of his destination, passenger Johnny went viral this week thanks to the airline happily agreeing to keep the location of the buck's party a secret.

In a TikTok video that has amassed more than four million views, an Air New Zealand employee, speculated to be the pilot, can be heard revealing why he won't be announcing the plane's final destination.

A man sits blindfolded on an Air New Zealand flight.
The airline were hailed for their efforts to keep Johnny's destination a secret. Source: Getty/ TikTok

“I usually would say where we’re going however, we have one gentleman on board for his stag do... and his good friends have managed to get him all the way through the airport and onboard the aircraft, and I believe he has no idea where we're going," he says.

"So if you want to make sure you're on the right aircraft, just check with someone beside you."

Johnny could be seen laughing in disbelief at his plight, previously unaware he was heading overseas from his departure point, believed to be Auckland.

It turned out the flight was heading across the Tasman to Melbourne – his hometown.

The friend who uploaded the video explained Johnny was kept well away from the departure gate and crew snuck them on the plane before business class.

He added Johnny's fiancée packed his bag and passport, while he was tricked into going to the airport under the elusion he was picking his cousin up.

Air New Zealand praised for joining in the fun

The meticulous plan and the airline's willingness to help received widespread approval in the comments, with their efforts to help the group's shenanigans hailed as "amazing".

"Air NZ! I'm not even surprised," one person said. "Only Air NZ is cool enough for this," another added.

Air New Zealand responded to the video, saying they were "glad" they could help.

One person said the pilot was "fantastic" for going along with it, with the friend revealing he was "brilliant to work with".

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