Woman divides TikTok with suggestion to have 'adult-only' flights

A woman's suggestion to have "adult-only" flights has prompted an interesting discussion online.

The traveller, simply known as Mo on TikTok, shared her opinion in a video that was presumably taken during a recent flight.

In the footage, a child is heard screaming while Mo quietly laughs to herself.

"Why isn't there a such thing as adult-only flights?? I would pay SO much money," she wrote on the TikTok.

Mo in her TikTok on the plane.
One woman has questioned why there aren't adult-only flights after sitting in front of a screaming child. Source: TikTok/mooorganic

In the comments, she said the child sitting directly behind her was "well over" five-years-old. The child kicked her seat while their mum slept.

Mo was also using her noise-cancelling headphones throughout the flight.

A few viewers suggested taking a private plane to avoid screaming children, but that isn't feasible for everyone, nor is it environmentally friendly.

"You could fly private. It’s expensive but you said you would pay SO much money," a woman wrote.

One person remarked that Mo handled the situation well, given she wasn't throwing around any dirty looks or yelling at people in the video.

Parents weigh in on flight discussion

The suggestion actually sprouted some interesting perspectives on the issue.

Surprisingly, some parents agreed with the idea of adult-only flights. It turns out having an upset child on a plane is as painful for them.

One person said they would love to be able to fly and not get "dirty looks and grunts" from other passengers who don't bother to hide the fact they don't want a noisy child on their flight.

Father holding baby daughter during flight on airplane going on vacations. Baby girl drinking formula milk from bottle.
Some parents said it is just as tough having a crying child on a plane. Source: Getty Images, file

"As a woman who used to get extremely frustrated by this, I promise you now (as a mum) the mothers are already stressed because we KNOW everyone else is mad," a woman said.

"I am a mother and I agree! I would pay more for an adult-only flight," another woman wrote.

A mum-of-three said she was actually holding off on flying with her children until they're old enough, to ensure they don't make a scene.

However, others were quick to slam Mo's suggestion, saying "kids have a place in society".

"Everyone was a child at one point. I don’t understand the lack of empathy," one woman said.

"I don't have kids, but even I have the maturity and grace to accept my situation, especially when there are children involved," a man wrote.

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