Woman dies after being bit by venomous snake hiding in her toilet

A mother has died after being bitten by a venomous snake hiding in her toilet at the air base where she lived.

Lance Corporal Bercy Ogah of the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) died after suffering a snake bite on the toilet at her home on the NAF base on Bill Clinton Drive in the Nigerian capital Abuja.

Ms Ogah, who was a member of the Defence Intelligence Agency, died in the early hours of November 19.

After being bitten, the woman reportedly drove her children and a relative to a neighbour's home before going to the NAF hospital, where she later succumbed to the venomous snake bite.

An unnamed NAF source told local media "all kinds of wild animals" are found in the base. People who stay there report seeing snakes regularly.

Bercy Ogah (left) died after being bitten by the snake (pictured right) being removed from her toilet. Source: Newsflash/ Australscope
Bercy Ogah (left) died after being bitten by the snake (pictured right) being removed from her toilet. Source: Newsflash/ Australscope

The houses in the base were fumigated recently, however Ms Ogah's wasn't as she wasn't home at the time. The snake must have hidden in her toilet, the source said.

After the snake bite, she took her child and a relative staying with her to her neighbour before she drove to the NAF hospital for treatment.

When she got to the hospital, there was allegedly a small delay for the anti-venom vaccine to be administered to her.

"Apart from the vaccine not being readily available, I learnt that the person in charge of the drugs was not on duty," the source said.

The type of snake is unconfirmed.

Family questions handling of snake bite

The source added that the problem was made worse because the part of her body that the snake bit was particularly sensitive, and this was a contributing factor in her death. They did not, however, specify what body part it was.

In the video, a snake catcher is seen removing the huge reptile from the Ms Ogah's toilet.

NAF official spokesperson Edward Gabkwet has yet to address the incident and suggestions that her treatment was not properly handled.

The victim's sister claimed that the drugs given to Ms Ogah were out of date and that they refused to release her from the NAF hospital at the request of her husband who asked that she be taken to another health centre.

- Australscope/ Newsflash

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