Woman details horrific amputation on TikTok after trip to nail salon

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A woman has lost the tip of her thumb after it swelled up from an infection when a false nail was stuck over a wound.

At the time of reporting, Jenneffer Souza, from the Brazilian city of Duque de Caxias, was in hospital awaiting her third operation after a simple false nail led to the partial amputation of her thumb.

The young woman's problems began at a nail salon. 

She had a wound on her thumb at the time and the fibreglass nail was passed over it before being placed on top of her natural nail.

Two stills from Jenneffer Souza's TikTok showing her thumb infection.
Jenneffer Souza lost the tip of her thumb after a fake nail was put on top of a wound in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Source: Newsflash/Australscope

It is not clear if she knew she had a wound at the time or if it was so small she and the nail artist did not notice it.

Ms Souza's thumb then swelled up, resulting in her experiencing pain.

"My nail started to feel sore, but for me it was normal. It was no big deal," she said.

"After it felt sore, one day my thumb started to swell up a lot and I couldn't work. The next day I went straight to hospital."

Jenneffer Souza shows her swollen and infected thumb in a TikTok video.
Ms Souza shows her swollen state of her thumb in a TikTok video. Source: Newsflash/Australscope

'Traumatising' ordeal after nail salon visit

Doctors gave the young woman anti-inflammatories, antibiotics and other medication. 

But her thumb began to ooze pus and she had to return to hospital days later due to the severe pain.

At the time of writing, she remains in hospital, having undergone two operations, including one to remove the top of her thumb, with another pending and no date yet set for her discharge.

Ms Souza, who boasts 75,800 followers on TikTok, has been documenting the incident.

"I'm traumatised. No one imagines getting their nails done and losing the tip of their finger," she said.

Experts believe her symptoms were caused by cellulitis, a skin infection caused by a bacterial infection.

Bacteria can infect the deeper layers of the skin if it is broken.

They recommend waiting until any wounds are completely healed before getting false nails done.

– Australscope

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