Woman confronted by beachgoers after 'irresponsible' act: 'Lunacy'

A South Australian woman was filmed allegedly speeding along a busy beach narrowly missing children, pets and families.

Footage captured and shared on social media shows the red Mazda SUV appearing to drive carelessly through a 10km/h zone on the busy Moana beach, south of Adelaide, moments before police arrived at the scene.

South Australia Police confirmed a 38-year-old woman was behind the wheel and was stopped after she became bogged in the sand just after 8.30pm on Saturday. She was reported for driving in a dangerous manner and for refusing a breath test. Her licence was suspended for 12 months and her car was impounded.

red Mazda driving on Moana beach, South Australia with children playing.
The red Mazda was allegedly speeding along Moana Beach, narrowly missing children. Source: Instagram/sh*tadelaide

In a video captured by a bystander, the woman can be seen zooming along the sand. She comes to a stop when a man with a young child and a dog appear in her way before being forced to step aside.

Witnesses told Nine News the car appeared to be driving up to 60km/hour. People were yelling at the driver who was allegedly doing burnouts on the sand. After becoming bogged, people surrounded the car and started yelling at her, one witness said. One of the beachgoers was reportedly an off-duty police officer who called for backup.

Police said she was taken to the Noarlunga Hospital where a sample of blood was obtained for analysis. She will attend court at a later date. Vehicles are permitted on parts of Moana beach.

'Irresponsible' behaviour slammed online

Footage of the incident was shared on a popular Adelaide-based Instagram page.

"Just to be clear - the '50km/h unless otherwise stated' rule wasn’t intended for crowded beaches," the caption read.

Police car and red Mazda on Moana beach, South Australia.
Police were called after the driver became bogged in the sand. Source: Instagram/sh*tadelaide

One person who appeared to be at the beach said "she was flying" as others slammed her behaviour.

"Always happens at Moana! People drive like absolute flogs. Just slow down, not that f**king hard," one person fumed after watching the video.

"Completely irresponsible. Shouldn’t have happened. Lunacy to be honest," another man told Nine News.

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