Woman caught on camera hitting Tesla during dodgy car parking attempt

The woman was clearly oblivious to the fact she was being recorded by the car she hit.

A motorist's poor parking attempt has been caught on camera by the Tesla she damaged during the act.

A security camera situated on the Tesla captured the moment the white Subaru swung into the car park space and scratched along the side of the parked car, taking the turn too wide outside St Andrew's Anglican School in Peregian Springs, Queensland.

The dodgy car park was caught on camera (right), with the women seen inspecting the damage (left).
The motorist hit the Tesla during her car park fail and inspected the damage before leaving. Source: Facebook

After straightening up her car, the woman can be seen getting out of her vehicle and inspecting the damage before leaving.

"Video speaks for itself," the Tesla owner said. "After admiring her handy work the lady sadly failed to leave her details and we really would like to pass on the excess to her insurance company."

The incident occurred on June 15, however, the Tesla owner shared the footage online on Wednesday in hope he can find the driver responsible.

Tesla owner 'disappointed' by motorist's actions

The Tesla was left with large scratches along its side from where it was hit. Despite his efforts to identify the woman, the Tesla owner confirmed he has not yet been successful.

The black Tesla can be seen with scratches along its side.
The Tesla was left with big scratches along its side. Source: Facebook

"Unfortunately no luck. It sucks but it’s the reality of society I guess ... I'm disappointed," he told Yahoo News Australia.

Others were quick to slam the driver for not leaving her contact details on a note, branding the behaviour as "disgusting" and "disrespectful".

"How embarrassing... Surely someone knows her," a woman wrote online.

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