Woman blasts drivers in Aussie city: 'So accurate'

A woman living in Adelaide has shared her top pet peeves about driving in the city, which resonated with other frustrated locals.

Mum and influencer Chloe Ferrari, who used to also live in Sydney and Melbourne, detailed the habits observed by unfriendly Adelaide drivers which send her on edge.

"Nobody knows how to give way," the 25-year-old said on TikTok. "I live on a quite thin road, so if there's two cars coming, obviously the car coming from an obstructed lane is the one who is meant to pull behind and give way. They don’t do it, they just f***ing go for it."

Two photos of mum and influencer Chloe Ferrari shared her top pet peeves about Adelaide drivers.
Mum and influencer Chloe Ferrari shared her top pet peeves about Adelaide drivers. Source: TikTok/ Instagram

Another was the absence of the unspoken wave or nod from one driver to another. "Nobody does the little ‘no worries’, ‘thank you’, ‘thanks for letting me in’ (wave)," she said. "And if they do, it feels like a day made because its like ‘wow thank you for putting in the effort’."

She also claimed nobody wanted to drive "more than 10 minutes" somewhere.

"Everyone seems to think that driving 20 minutes is the hardest f***ing thing of all," she said. "They’re like ‘ooh you live 20 minutes away? I never leave my street, I never leave my suburb'. And that is why its so hard to make friends."

'Why is this so accurate?'

Many locals were in agreement with Ms Ferrari's lighthearted rant, sharing their thoughts as well.

"Adelady here! I wave. No one else does because they don't let anyone in. They are too busy trying to go bumper to bumper," one person said.

"90% of drivers in SA are the most impatient people I’ve ever come across! I literally fear for my life most days," another said.

"Omg literally! From Tassie, been here a year now and still think Adelaide drivers are crazy" a third person said.

South Australia is the fourth highest state for road rage

According to a survey from January by insurance company Compare the Market, Queenslanders are the top offenders when it comes to aggressive drivers, whether that's speeding, abuse or tailgating at 67.7 per cent.

Then comes Victoria and Western Australia at 66 and 64.8 per cent, followed by South Australia at 58 per cent, and New South Wales at 57.3 pecent.

The Northern Territory, Tasmania and the ACT have the lowest numbers at 55.6, 52.4 and 47.1 per cent respectively.

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