Woman banned from Bunnings after lewd prank goes viral

OnlyFans star Layla Kelly called the reaction to her video 'dramatic'.

An OnlyFans model has revealed how she was banned from Bunnings after she filmed herself appearing to leave her underwear hidden among the aisles, claiming they were for "hard-working tradies" to discover.

Mum Layla Kelly, 33, said her stunt led to police attending her home but she stresses the viral video, filmed with another adult content creator, was merely a joke and she hadn't actually left her underwear behind. “They were simply a prop for the video, we didn’t really take our underwear off,” she told news.com.au, explaining she was wearing two pairs of underwear.

Kelly and a woman pull underwear past their knees in a Bunnings aisle.
Kelly was filmed pulling off underwear inside a Bunnings store. Source: Instagram

After the video went live earlier this year, the popular adult actress from New Zealand says she was informed by police she was banned from visiting Bunnings stores across Wellington for two years.

And while she says she is happy to comply with the ban, with any breach leading to a hefty fine, she has since called the reaction to the video "dramatic", arguing the video isn't as bad as it seems. “It wasn’t hurting anyone. When we filmed it, we made sure there was nobody else around...we never exposed ourselves," she said.

The pair filmed themselves placing the underwear in an aisle, but Kelly denies they were left. Source: Instagram
The pair filmed themselves placing the underwear in an aisle, but Kelly denies they were left behind. Source: Instagram

Kelly has also shared other videos from inside Bunnings stores to her social platforms involving adult themes and collectively they have racked up millions of views. She boasts more than 130,000 followers on Instagram. Kelly says she has made close to $300,000 in the past year from selling content online, the Daily Mail reported.

The adult actress is the latest in a long line of Only Fans models whose content has landed them in trouble. Turkish adult content creator Merve Taskin narrowly avoided jail in January after she was accused of publicly sharing obscene content.

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